Cyber Security Training has brought a new rise in IT sector

CCNA course in Qatar

A hacker is a person who intrudes on a computer network or information system or uses information, a program or service without permission. An ethical hacker, in turn, utilizes his or her expertise at the request of the owner of the information network or information system, seeking to identify and report vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the systems. This eliminates at least some of the security threats, and potentially completely prevents the system from being misused. An ethical hacker may also be referred to as White Hat. Hostile hackers, on the other hand, are commonly referred to as Cracker or Black Hat.

Ethical hacking involves the same means and tools that cybercriminals use. Ethical hacking can also be referred to as penetration testing. Software vulnerabilities are sought both through purpose-built tools and based on experience, expertise and creativity. Ethical hacking can target either a single individual system or, more broadly, an organization’s information systems and telecommunications networks.

As industrial operations become more connected, the attack surface is inevitably increasing. Hackers are increasingly targeting industrial control systems, and employees with access can complain and disrupt systems.

Ideally, each company or organization should have quick access to its own internal or external team. Companies in most countries, including the United Kingdom, have their own national response teams, often with officials replenishing individual contractors with specific expertise. This team is a group of ethical hackers trained to investigate deeper or more complex challenging intrusions.

The new rise of IT career

Gone are the days when your IT career revolved around network support and mainframe computers. Now the IT career has grown to include numerous challenges and roles. The rise of cyber attacks has made infrastructure and business data protection one of the most important roles for information technology.

Cybersecurity allows you to conduct transactions, store more, steal valuable information, commit denial-of-service attacks, or simply create a real gold mine for hackers who confuse your data while transferring data digitally. This has created a high demand for people with cybersecurity skills to pursue careers in cybersecurity. It also provides a lucrative career for both experienced IT professionals and those seeking side jobs in new fields.

What activities are introduced with Training of Ethical Hacking?

The CEH training in Middle East introduces ethical hacking and covers in practice the activities related to the operation and implementation of hacking, forensics and information security mechanisms. The training includes a wealth of exercises conducted in a web-based security environment.

Target group

The training is suitable for you as an IT professional who maintains your organization’s information systems and wants to ensure their secure use.


The goal is for you to learn to be aware of, identify, and prepare for existing information system vulnerabilities. The training highlights practical examples of vulnerabilities and security vulnerabilities and introduces them to their elimination and prevention.

The key objective is to understand the necessary and adequate protection and prevention measures. All practical exercises conducted in the training are conducted in a web-based confined and closed environment. The training prepares for certification tests, but is not part of the official training program. Basic knowledge of telecommunication protocol, network traffic analysis and network security.

So, if you are looking to earn a cybersecurity certificate like CCNA course in Qatar to advance or transform your career, there are many reasons to do so, including strong demand for the job market, salary, opportunities, and ease of qualification requirements.

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