Customer Woes Vanish with Inbound Call Center Software in Banking

The case with banking and customer service is a bit strange. Banks usually have hundreds of thousands of customers across the country. If a disgruntled customer leaves it makes little or no difference on the one hand. On the other….well there is a lot on the other hand because today, customers are savvy and will instantly take to social media to troll and trash you no end and it becomes viral. It is better to keep customers happy with an exemplary experience. The inbound call center software for banks takes the pain away and makes it even pleasurable to serve customers.

Let the right person handle it
Banking is segmented, compartmentalized and hierarchical. You have large corporate clients. You have small depositors. You have borrowers. They may call for any reason. You can make sure their call goes to the right section and the right person in the section by simply configuring the smart automatic call distributor feature of the contact center software. Benefits?
Other employees can carry on with their tasks instead of having to pick up the phone and transfer calls to the right person.
Callers do not have to wait to get to talk with the right person.
When the right employee picks up the phone the caller’s details are right there on the screen and callers do not have to be asked to furnish details. You can directly get down to business and resolve issues within a couple of minutes. Employees can do more.
All such transactions go into the database for future reference.
Happy customers stay loyal and may avail of other services besides singing praises.

Oh, and by the way, the automatic call distributor and skill based mapping is not just for managing calls from customers. It can become part of your banking operations when you delve into the depths and set it up to ensure that incoming calls go to the right person on the first attempt. Callers never have to be kept on hold or employees unnecessarily disturbed.

The Inquirers
Inquisitive inquirers will always phone and try to engage bank employees in lengthy talk. This kind of routine inquiry can eat into your time and reduce productivity. Do not fob off such calls. Instead, steer them into the self service IVR which is part of the call center software. Most callers get answers to questions. An existing customer can lodge a complaint, know balance or request a call back to discuss a loan. A new customer can know about services you offer. The IVR handles most of them and you can put precious human resource to better use. Of course, all such queries go into the database. Possible leads are segregated and you can follow up these leads to convert them to new customers.

If a human agent had to field hundreds of incoming calls it is more than likely that inappropriate answers or a show of temper by employees could turn away possible prospective customers.

Are employees handling customers the right way?
Talk about tempers and emotions..these can get in the way of customer experiences. It is not unexpected that an overworked employee or an employee working under pressure may respond inappropriately and tarnish image of the bank. Now that the contact center software is in place and they know each conversation is recorded, employee approach and attitude to handling customer calls improves.

You can, as managers, access call records and analyze quality of interaction, time spent and other factors. It helps to derive data and you could use these to change the way employees respond, way of work and their behavior.

If you opt for omnichannel contact center software then you are making it easy for customers to use their preferred method of communication and yet be assured of a prompt response. Let them use SMS or fax or email or voice call or chat. Everything goes into a single dashboard and database, maintaining information continuum.

Why worry about customers…we have more than we can handle
This is a common refrain in the larger banks with branches across the country. Numbers are important but so is quality. Banks like HDFC, IDBI, ICICI attract top business houses because such banks are fully digitized and response to customer needs of which prompt and efficient response is one. Install the right inbound call center and it has a domino effect:

Incoming call goes to the right person
The right person talks in the right way to make customers happy
Possible first call resolution in the shortest time
Happy customer stays with the bank, does more business and recommends high networth individuals or companies because of perceived better service quality.
Regardless of numbers, the inbound call center software helps you handle more callers in less time so numbers are not a problem at all.
Top business leaders, happy with the interaction, recommend your bank to others in their circle.

The inbound call center software, as you can see, is more than just a customer service tool. It ushers in all round improvements and changes for the better. Let customer woes vanish, not customers!

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