What is the Cost of Crowd funding App Development?

Crowdfunding App Development
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Crowd funding App Development Like Kickstarter or GoFundMe

Are you looking for investors who can invest in your business?  Don’t you have time to find the real-time investors for your project? In the modern world, the digital era is offering you the crowdfunding platform through which you can find the investors for your business.

There are many crowdfunding platforms which have marked its roots in the industry. Many app development companies are offering crowdfunding app development services to people. As now people prefer online investing platforms, no one has to know the search for the investors and investing platforms.

Know about Crowd funding App

The word crowdfunding state for a crowd which refers to people, business or organizations. They use to invest in a particular platform and after a period of time, they use to get a high potential return on the investment.

Whereas the word crowdfunding states for the collective fund from friends, family, individual, customers, and investors all include in this process at the online platform. There are many crowdfunding apps, like GoFundme and Kickstarter. These app are based on user-friendly and rich feature characteristics. It offers businessmen the best platform to find investors.

Different types of Crowdfunding Platforms

There are different types of crowdfunding platforms.

1) Investment-based crowdfunding

2) Loan-Based Crowdfunding

3) Donation-Based Crowdfunding

4) Reward Based Crowdfunding

5) Equity Based Crowdfunding

Features of Crowdfunding – Don’t Miss It!

1) User-Friendly: The crowdfunding app should be user-friendly, it should be easy to use. To use the mobile application it doesn’t require any specific skills or course. The app should easy to handle.

2) Integration of CMS Platform: For the enrich feature app, it should be integrated with the CMS Software, which will be helpful to generate the user information. The data will be generated to get the best investors. CMS Software helps to keep the data in a structured form.

3) Integration of Social Media Platform: Don’t forget to integrate the social media platform with your app. The app should have the integration as it helps to bring interested users to the platform.  It is essential to attract the customers towards it which includes Facebook, Insta, Google Plus, etc.

4) Appealing UI/UX: Factors like UI/UX plays an imperative role as the crowdfunding website and app should be designed in such a way that the user will not able to take their eyes off. The design should be catchy and attractive.

5) Create Current Investors Page:  To bring relevancy and transparency, integrate current investors page to it.

5) Push Notification: To remind and send alert to the users it is essential that a push notification feature should be integrated to it. A push notification feature helps to send a notification to the users about the new updates, alerts, and reminders.

Integrate these features in your crowdfunding app and offer investors to invest in an easier way  Similar to GoFundMe.

Crowdfunding App Development Cost

The crowdfunding app development is not expensive the app development service is fully dependable on your requirements. Customized crowdfunding website and app development use to develop as per your budget. The crowdfunding app development cost is not fixed it varies from feature to feature.

The crowdfunding web and app development for Android and iOS include various aspects:

1) Programming language

2) Essential Features

3) Generating database tool

4) Functionalities

5) Designing

The readymade crowdfunding website and app cost are around $400 to $800 and other depends on your preference.


In this blog, we have brought you all the information about crowdfunding app and website development. You can opt for the readymade and customized app development platform. To save time and cost, you should opt for the readymade crowdfunding app which is the clone of Kickstarter and Gofundme. We will provide you the Kickstarter clone script, which can be integrated into your system easily.

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