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How to Fast Compress MP4 Online

Sharing videos is liked by everyone, but we should know that big files takes a lot of time for sharing and uploading. The big MP4 file can cause a lot of trouble in transferring through any media. It takes a lot of space in your hard disc and can make your device slow to operate through. This is the reason why you can’t send them to your friends and needs to shrink the MP4 files.

I found compressing MP4 as one of the best things ever, once I was looking forward to share a file with my friends. I got a track done for my son, but when I was trying to transfer him through social media, it wasn’t accepting. Going forward I tried to email him but it didn’t do any good. At last I took it in my pen drive and courier him. But it hit my mind as I need to find a solution for the same. Trying to compress the track through many tools was destroying the quality of the track.

Running out of options, one night I came across UniConverter and found it one of the best to go for. I started using it instantly without any signing up free or waiting in a queue and receiving quality results in my first take itself. Opting for UniConverter was one of the best things that I should say for compressing videos and i have got the solution to my problem.  Nowadays when I receive the track I compress it in desired level and send it across to my children. I don’t need to buy out the pen drives and courier it to my little ones. The UniConverter not only helped in saving money but also allowed me to spare time to be invested in good things.

If you are facing similar problem you can also subscribe for the same and start using the Wonder share UniConverter for your video editing issues.

Compressing MP4 videos with the help of online UniConverter?

Compressing MP4 videos will not take much time for the user. They are easy to operate and allow compressing easily in just a few clicks. The UniConverter has its advantage for using it in for compressing the videos. The video converter employs three easy steps and you can opt for changing output size, covert size, change the resolution of the video, etc. To proceed forward you need to open UniConverter on your web browser and try out the below given steps.

  • Open UniConverter on your web browser and start adding MP4 files by clicking on “+Add files” or by dragging and dropping of videos on the home screen of the UniConverter. You can also opt for editing of videos and explore the above options
  • Once you have added the videos look for the tab known as “compress” and click it.
  • On completion download the file or save it to the dropbox.

Compressing MP4 player with the help of desktop UniConverter:

The desktop UniConverter is a professional video converter to be used for editing or converting videos. The software is user-friendly and guides the user to use their quality services in the best possible ways. Lets know the detailed steps for compressing MP4 with the help of desktop UniConverter:

Download the desktop UniConverter and open it in your PC. Look for video compress option under toolbox to proceed forward for the addition of MP4 format videos.

Next step you will get below screen, click on “+” sign to start adding the videos.

The video information will be shown at the top right panel and will allow you to adjust the size of the file, bit rate, resolution and various other parameters by moving the progress bar. Now you are allowed to check the quality of video on clicking the preview button.

On completion of all the settings now hit the compress button and allow the program to take care of the MP4 compression. On completion enjoy MP4 videos from anytime and anywhere.

Through this process you can only compress one file at a time. But do know software also allows you to compress on batches and you can also convert the format of the video while compressing it. You can also try with another video formats to compress to the desirable level.

Difference between online UniConverter and desktop UniConverter:

Although I have tried both the UniConverter version for different purposes. I found both of them being the best in their operation and allows the user to receive quality edited videos. The video converters are best in their operation and can be operated by following easy steps. The desktop UniConverter is one of the professional version of video converter and can handle 1200+ of video formats. On the other hand the online uniConverter can handle limited formats and operations. The desktop UniConverter is best in customizing the videos as per the choice of the users and allows them to use their services. The online UniConverter is a quick interface and the user can use it in any device without downloading any software. The desktop UniConverter requires the user to download the software on the device they are using for and they work on 3x speed as fast as any other software. Both of them are a part of a single company known as Wondershare Technology.

The Wondershare Technology is a public listed company and is established a decade before. They build products for the people in various sectors and are the best in their services. The Wondershare technology is known to be a pioneer in the video making, editor and conversion industry. Their products like FIlmora, UniConverter, etc are one of the best in their domain and are being used by people living across the globe. The company manages a huge workforce and known to be one of the finest one to work with as well.

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