What To Consider While Choosing A Domain Name With SEO In Mind?

What To Consider While Choosing A Domain Name With SEO In Mind?

Let your potential customers find you on the web. Get a domain name for your business. It is a momentous decision you have to make as you are taking your business online. No business succeeds without digital marketing, especially search engine optimization. SEO is a big thing.

This is the reason why you have to keep SEO in mind when you get a domain name for your business. There are a lot of cheap domain names to choose from. Following are the ten important factors you have to consider:

Choose With Branding In Mind

The search engine giant distinguishes good quality websites from bad quality websites using brand signals. Though it is not always possible, try to get a domain name that consists of your brand name. The cyberspace is overcrowded. Your brand can create distinction. This makes you memorable.

Avoid Exact Match Domains

It is a domain name that exactly matches a keyword phrase. Use no hyphens in your domain name. What’s wrong in choosing a domain name containing the keyword you are targeting? You should avoid this because spammy websites are using exact match domains to game algorithms.

Johnny from Social Catfish has this to say regarding choosing an SEO friendly domain name: Google has wised up to the use of EMDs – they used to be easy to rank on the first page, but now this is not the case. Instead, I recommend that you choose a short, easy to remember brandable domain name for your website.

Avoid Hyphenated Keywords

Don’t choose a domain that contains multiple keywords you are targeting. People often separate these keywords using hyphens. However, hyphenated keywords are just like exact match domains. A domain that looks spammy cannot build trust and credibility.

Go For .com

There are several other domain name extensions. However, .com is the most recognized, used and trusted domain name extension. Following are a few more extensions:





All these domain name extensions tend to be associated with spam. So, avoid these extensions and go for .com.

Consider The ‘processing Fluency’

It is important to consider pronounceability while choosing a domain name. Don’t ignore it. Though it is true that people are least likely to find your website through word of mouth. You have to consider ‘processing fluency’. You want people to remember your domain name. So, choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce.

Length Of The Domain Name

Long domain names are difficult to remember and type. Choose a domain name that is not longer than 15 characters in length. The average length of the top 100,000 websites is nine characters.

Avoid Hyphens

Never choose a domain name that contains hyphens. Just like EMDs, domain names containing hyphens are also associated with spammy websites. The following example shows why these domains can hurt the credibility of your business:

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world. However, the domain name face-book.com can’t be credible.

Avoid Numbers

Using a number in the domain name is a bad idea. People don’t know whether they should use the digit as it is or spell the number.

Choose an intuitive name

Avoid a domain name that gives no idea of your business. Make sure that your domain name is highly intuitive.

Avoid Ambiguity

Your domain name should have only and only one meaning. Consider the following domain name:



Choose your domain name wisely. You are not going to change it. Even cheap domain names can be SEO friendly.

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