3 Things to Check About Web Hosting Before Paying

Check Web Hosting Before Paying

Web hosting has been an essential part of the World Wide Web since its earliest days. Tons of videos, pictures, video games and many other forms of media are available for anyone on demand, basically due to advances in hosting and server capabilities.

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Content is key, so that’s why having a great hosting provider should be a top priority for any online business out there. If you’re seriously considering creating a website for your business, you shouldn’t go in headfirst and think about a few things.

In this article, I want to discuss the 3 things I deem essential for any business to consider before joining one or another hosting company.

  1. There are different hosting types for a reason

If you’ve been researching hosting offers online you’ve probably encountered terms like shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, etc.

These aren’t just marketing tricks to sell more hosting, they’re completely different hosting types which differ from each other. Of course, not every provider so you have to consider what kind of hosting you would need.

Shared hosting – the cheapest form of hosting – is usually available with most hosting providers. If you have a small website that doesn’t get too much traffic, this will be more than sufficient for you.

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Prices differ, however, you can easily find shared hosting plans for as low as 0.99$/month. One major disadvantage of this hosting type is that you share resources with others. So if one of your “neighbours” gets more traffic on some days, you can expect your website to significantly slow down.

Those who want to prepare their websites for bigger traffic should consider VPS or dedicated hosting forms. VPS hosting is like shared hosting with much more power since fewer websites shame the same resources. Dedicated hosting means that you’ll get your own server specifically for your website, however, this type of hosting can cost as much as 100$ per month, however, you can get VPS hosting $3.99 monthly plan at hostens.co

For those interested in selling their own hosting services to other reseller hosting is the way to go. WordPress hosting provides you with the tools to not only host but builds your website from scratch on the grounds of the provider. Finally, cloud hosting is completely separated things where the provider splits your website’s resources among multiple servers. Price differ very much in this case, so be mindful if you’re interested in hosting type.

  1. Unlimited data is not really unlimited

One term that hosting providers seem to constantly use to attract clients is “unlimited storage”. But that’s not entirely true.

Almost always these “unlimited” data plans have some sort of limitations that differ from one company to another. Some may offer a lot of freedom but only “for the normal operation” of a website. With phrasing like this, you can assume that the provider will cut you off whenever it considers your website too resource-consuming.

Usually, WordPress hosting providers are the ones that offer unlimited data plans. So if your considering opening up your personal blog, be sure to contact the hosting provider’s support team to clarify how much freedom you will actually get with your resources.

  1. SSD versus HDD

If you plan on choosing a shared hosting option, your website resources will most likely be on a traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive) server. One major advantage of such a server type is that it can host large amounts of data while maintaining a cheap operating price.

As your website grows, you will need VPS or dedicated hosting options which will provide more speed and power for your site. That’s where SSD comes into place. These servers are significantly more expensive to maintain, though can provide lightning-fast speed when compared to older HDD models.

So if you’re planning to move on to more powerful hosting types, you’ll experience the neatness of SSD yourself.

All in all

When deciding on a hosting provider there are many things to consider, however, it can be boiled down to choosing the correct hosting type, knowing how much resources you can get and what options for future expansion you might get.

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