Best Apps You Can Use for Making Cheap International Calls

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Best Apps for Making International Calls

Do you travel overseas frequently?

Obviously, you will then be needing to stay in touch with your family or friends, right?

If it’s so, you need a mobile application for cheaper or free international calls. And that’s why we have come up with apps that can let you make a number of free calls regardless of which country you are in.

Not only calls, but these apps also let you enjoy their chat features so you can stay in touch with speedy messages in between sharing images, calls and videos. Our best apps for making cheaper international calls include:

1. WhatsApp

Perhaps there is no one in this world who isn’t still familiar with WhatsApp. Owned by Facebook, it’s the well-famous app for Voice over IP (VoIP) as well as messaging that can be used for SMS communication, voice or video with anyone who is using this app. This app has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users which is, obviously, mind-boggling. If you stick to the default settings, WhatsApp wouldn’t set you back any Penny – however, you need a strong Wi-Fi connection in order to make calls.

2. Rebtel

No matter which device or phone you are using to make an international call, Rebtel has got you covered as it has a collection of different apps. Definitely, it includes both iPhone and Android options. Calling to the members living in the United States is free and unlimited. But if you make a call outside the US, you wouldn’t pay a lot – thanks to the app’s local member function. This app ensures that you are charging only using local rates. Using local mobile call routing and landline also means you no longer need to be worried about your internet connection, amazing?

3. Skype

Let’s admit that a list of apps that help to make Cheap International Calls cannot be completed without mentioning Skype. It’s indeed the most popular VoIP option available right now. Simply, using an internet connection, you can make free calls internationally. This app can be used on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. And if you want to make a call to the landline or any mobile number, you will be charged very low. The audio quality of Skype calls is the major problem, however.

4. FaceTime

Aside from Skype and WhatsApp, FaceTime is another famous option when it comes to making free/cheap audio and video calls. This app has one catch – it’s limited to Apple devices so neither the receiver nor the caller can be a Windows fan. FaceTime will go away if that’s not really an issue. It’s absolutely free of cost and there is nothing that can stop you using it.

5. Vonage

Vonage almost works similarly to Skype but it doesn’t come with a video chat feature. A number of cheap and affordable international calls are offered by Vonage. The most interesting part of Vonage is that free calls can be made with high-quality audio if the caller and receiver both are the customers of Vonage. It’s available for both Android and iOS users and if you have already installed it and you are a Vonage home customer, there are some dazzling home plans for you that can be used with mobile devices.

6. IMO

Free chat and video calls options are offered by IMO for both Android and iOS users. The specialty of IMO is that the company has claimed it can be used for making calls and chat even if you have a very slow internet connection. One can make a call with just a 2G connection. It’s then an excellent option for those who are looking to make an international call over the internet.

7. Viber

Last but absolutely not the least, Viber lets you make international calls at unmatched rates. A Wi-Fi connection is required to user Viber, however. This app has the capability to scan all of your contacts and recognize other Viber users. Thus, it enables you to call them without any charges. This app is available for Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS and, of course, Android.

The Bottom Line

Well, it’s not the full story as Google Play Store and Apple Store both are loaded with a plethora of other apps that can help you make an international call without any charges. So, if you need to make calls on a regular basis, don’t just reach for IMO, Skype, WhatsApp or others as there are so many other alternatives available on the market. However, if you’re particularly scouting for an excellent platform for group calling, Skype is an exquisite option.

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