How to Properly Take Care of Your New Smartphone

properly take care of a phone

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Maintain Your Smartphone Carefully

Are you thinking of purchasing a new phone and are wondering how to extend its lifetime?

We don’t blame you smartphones are a financial investment and you’re sure to spend a good amount of time setting up your phone exactly as you’d like it to be set up.

Purchasing a phone you care about and taking care of a new phone will prolong the time you can spend enjoying your new toy and help you to avoid the need for cell phone repair.

First Things First – Make Sure You Are Purchasing the Right Phone for You  

We suggest doing extensive research before taking the plunge and making a purchase. Think about the features you truly desire in a cell phone before you buy one. Things you’ll want to consider are:

  • Brand of phone
  • Phone model
  • Phone features you would like
  • Quality of design

If you buy a phone you aren’t in love with, chances are you’ll be more likely to be careless about it, which really just wastes your money and time.

To help you narrow down your search, think of your smartphone as a productivity tool and choose your phone based on capabilities.

  • Choose a smartphone with hearty, secure software that works with your workflow.
  • Make sure your smartphone supports any apps you also use on your desktop
  • Look for a model that offers support in case of damage

Now that we’ve covered the basics of purchasing a phone you’d like, let’s get down to how you can properly care for your new smartphone.

  • Always Keep an Optimal Charge

Rather than charging your phone all the way up to 100% a day, experts recommend keeping your phone charged anywhere between 40-80 percent. Try to maintain this battery level to extend its lifetime and keep it healthy.

  • Purchase Physical Protection

You’ll be happy that you purchased a sturdy case along with a screen protector when you inevitably drop your phone or place it on a slippery surface. Nothing is more of a bummer than dealing with a dent or scratch right in the middle or your new purchase.

  • Don’t Load Your Phone up with Unnecessary Apps

Although there are a wide variety of free apps for you to use during work and play, you surely don’t need them all on your phone. Make sure that you routinely check on your apps. Ditch apps that you rarely use because they consume memory, which will ultimately slow down your phone.

  • Update Your Device’s Operating System as Soon as Possible

It’s important to update your smartphone’s OS to the latest version. Keep track of when updates are available. The latest OS versions come with enhanced security and bug fixes for better performance.

  • Install Security Software 

A virus on your phone can corrupt or even steal your data and drain it of important functionality. To prevent this, get reliable security software that has a good reputation.

  • Play it Cool

Keep your phone cool. During those long summer days, be sure not to leave your phone in the car and use it in the shade whenever you can. If you are making a long voice call, use earphones to keep the phone from overheated. If you can, keep your phone in open areas instead of confined spaces like bags or pockets.

  • Keep Your Phone in a Designated Place

Keep a designated place for your phone when you are not using it. Make sure it is out of the way and in a place where your new smartphone isn’t likely to be knocked onto the floor. Some good places might be on a bookshelf, on a desk, or in a cabinet. If you keep it in one spot, you’ll also be able to find it easily any time.

  • Use Quality Equipment

Be sure to use genuine accessories and chargers. Cheaper chargers that are not compatible with your brand of phone can decrease its lifespan or harm your new purchase.

  • Keep Your Phone Dry

Don’t use your cell phone while it is raining, don’t eat or drink near your new phone, and don’t carry it near open water. (Including the toilet!)

  • Keep Your Phone Clean

Frequently clean your phone with alcohol wipes or dry tissue paper. Just be sure not to use water, baby wipes or any other product that might add moisture to the phone, harming it.

  • Keep Your Phone Safe

Try not to leave your phone out of sight, and bring it with you whenever possible. This is your new investment, so avoid lending your phone to other people. Even if you are supervising, accidents happen.

Utilize theft shutdown software. You can use software that shut down the phone if it is stolen. Make sure this is activated in case you lose your phone or in the case of theft.

  • Backup Your Data

If possible, get a cloud document management system and a cloud service for your contacts. This is just a precautionary measure to ensure you don’t lose money or time in the case of theft or in an accident.

We hope these tips help you to prolong the life of your new cell phone as long as possible and set you on the right path when it comes to protecting and respecting your possessions. We understand how your daily life can hinge on a phone, and what a drag it can be when something happens to it.

Therefore, it makes sense to do everything you can to protect your phone. Using these tips, you’re well on your way to a long happy period of time with your new smartphone.

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