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One of the key goals of the digital media company is to keep an eye over your content. You want your target audience who can visit the website, check your email and get engaged in your business brand.

You have published too many contents that your target audience love, but the big question is how would you make sure that your readers often would see it? The publishers have a long list of emails to be sent out to their potential and existing customers. The email helps in getting the direct line to the subscribers.

It is a direct contact between your brand and customers with the option of an email. Also, the results are effective which is not the case with social media. Newsletters, in particular, remain the critical option for a majority of Digital media companies in Delhi. However, these newsletters remain useless unless these are opened up by the subscribers. Well, let’s check how any competent Digital media Company will help in boosting up the newsletter open rates as under:

Clean-up Your Lists to Boost the Engagement

It has been years when we have seen the online marketers and publishers having an obsession with having huge email lists as they felt that they can have a greater output with it. But most of the subscribers remain the vanity metric. This may appear to be a vital one to have in a large list, it is more vital to have subscribers, which open and engage with your emails. The Digital media companies in Delhi while improving the newsletter open rates start things by cleaning up their email lists. This helps in creating re-engagement campaigns along with removing the dormant addresses along with the subscribers who tend to remain not engaged. All you need your subscribers to invest in your content, hence removing the people who have not shown any interest is the best way of improving email engagement.

Using Segmentation and Personalization for Delivering the Relevant Content

The subscribers of your newsletter would love to see emails coming with their names at the top. This is the reason why any competent Digital media Company in India segment their lists with personal messages for their newsletter. As per reports, the transaction rates remain six times higher with personalized emails when compared to the generic ones that are sent out like an email blast. This can work only when you give your current or potential clients to choose from the options given to them at the time of signing up your newsletter. If you are a publishing house, you can enlist a long list of a genre that the subscriber can choose and thus get personal emails as per his or her choice making the result of email marketing more effective.

Hand-Curate to Add Strength to Your Narrative

There are two key ways for online marketers and publishers to manage a newsletter – they can either automate to populate the newsletter along with content or can rely on the hand-curate newsletters that are based on subscriber interest, marketing goals and performance. A growing number of publishers are putting down their resources in hand-curating newsletters. The reasons are obvious, they are able to curate the voice of their business brands to offer apt content and a competent narrative to the audience.

For instance, apartment therapy is known to send out hand curated newsletters backed with a completely personal message from the company head. This makes the subscribers feel value and respect giving them enough chance to respond.

Experiment with Different Subject Lines and Check the Outcome

When we talk about the open rates then the subject line of your email matters the most. When you find the email landing into the subscriber’s inbox, it is likely to be neglected unless it comes along with a compelling subject line. It may appear to be tough to offer blanket advice around the subject lines, but there are few things, which often make a great difference. With personalized subject lines, you can see a good result. All thanks to the study of powerful words that appear in the subjects lines, which can be sensed by the subscribers receiving the same. If they get the emails with their first name over the subject line, it will boost up the chance of opening the email to 15 percent claims the market research studies.

Also, you are supposed to have a pre-header text as well to be used as a subject line. However, online publishers often commit a mistake of not being deliberate regarding their pre-header text.

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