What are The Best PC Optimizer Software in 2019

PC Optimization Software

Is Your PC Not Responding as Per Your Given Command or Instructions?

Well, if your PC is taking ages to complete a simple task or is getting slower day by day, this is the right time to recognize that your PC is in dreadful need to get optimized with the best free PC optimizer software

No matter what configuration or alignment your PC holds, there might be a huge probability that it may slow down after some point of time. It is probably because of the residual or unwanted files or apps. 

But, removing, finding and locating any residual or unwanted files or apps on your PC manually might be a time-waste. Besides that, definitely, you won’t be requiring any mess or hodgepodge with the system’s inbuilt maintenance at the time of optimizing your PC. 

Hence, it’s better to have the most beneficial optimization tool for your PC to get tasks done in a more satisfying manner. 

It is because, such kind of windows optimizer tools helps in recovering disk space by eliminating junk files, cookies, and undesired cache instantly, through intensifying the system’s performance and elevating its user experience. 

For that reason, there are some of the best PC optimizer tools for Windows that are highly streaming and easily available on Google Play Store. This certainly helps you in optimizing your Windows PC with the help of PC optimizer software for windows in no time.

But there arises an important question- Does your windows PC require optimization daily or are they perfect enough to meet your system’s requirements?

Well, let us answer this for you. Nothing is perfect in this entire world. However, Yes we can work our level best to make the things achieve a perfectly desired level.

After testing and analyzing all the top PC optimizer tools, we have decided to jot down the list of Top PC optimizer tools for Windows for you. 

The Best Top 5 PC Optimizer Software for Windows in 2019:

1. ITL Windows Optimizer

ITL Windows Optimizer

If your PC requires sudden maintenance and protection to get your Windows optimized, then, believe it or not, this free pc optimization software is the most manageable one. ITL Windows Optimizer is the best-fitted optimizing software to regain and boost the system’s speed and to take the disk space to the next level.

Key traits of ITL Windows Optimizer. Let’s have a quick look at them:

Key Features of ITL Windows Optimizer:

  • It provides a junk and privacy Scan through Junk and Privacy Scan
    This feature is the most competent one as it excludes temporary files, undesired data, privacy traces, and memory dumps which can direct to data theft.                                                             
  • It allows you to scan all the Invalid Registries on your PC through Invalid Registry Scan
    Its second feature allows you to clean all the invalid or fraudulent registries. It considerably improves your system’s response time and performance in one go.
  • It provides an utmost Web Protection for your system through Web Protection
    Last but not least, it permits you to grow your web surfing experience on all the major browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera, including Ad-Blocker’s Web Protection.

What Makes ITL Windows Optimizer Different from Others?

Check out the table below to know it all.

The requirement for Minimal System  OS: Windows 7 & above

Memory (RAM): 512 MB

CPU: 1 GHz processor

Available hard disk space for FREE: 800 MB on the system drive

System Requirement that is Recommended Operating   Windows 10

Memory (RAM): 2 GB

CPU: 1 GHz processor

Available free hard disk space: 1 GB free space

Requirement for Software  .NET Framework 3.5 or Above

It is available for MAC devices also, with the name of ITL Mac Optimizer. Its compatible for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

2. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer

If you are searching or looking for the best optimizing tool for your system, we would say, Advanced System Optimizer is one of them. 

It’s among the top-qualified optimizer tools, that is best suited for your Windows PC. It is  available in both a free and a paid version. 

This tool also removes useless files from your PC which then helps in magnifying the pace of your Windows PC.

Key Traits Of Advanced System Optimizer

  • It excludes all the outdated files from the hard drive. Also removes the residual files of the uninstalled applications.
  • It updates all the out-of-date drivers to keep your system updated.
  • It protects your system from all types of malicious activities like viruses and spyware attack.

3. AVG PC Tuneup

AVG PC Tuneup

AVG PC TuneUp is a multifunctional tool, available for optimizing a Windows PC. It also carries a lot of extra features like an uninstaller. 

This unique feature allows you to quickly uninstall any undesired application on your Windows PC based on usability, ratings, algorithms and lots more.

Key Features that AVG TuneUp carries:

  • AVG Tuneup updates the outdated software automatically on your computer.
  • It eliminates all the unwanted files that can speed up the Windows and free up disk space.
  • It’s also available for Android and Mac devices.

4. CCleaner


Ccleaner is also a trendy optimizing tool for Windows system but in the free version, it carries inadequate features. It helps in speeding up and optimizing your PC.

If you want to use the full version of its features like complete cleaning, priority customer support, remove internet trackers, then, you have to move for a paid version. It is also considered as one of the best free PC cleaner and optimizer tools.

Free Features of Ccleaner:

  • It keeps your PC performance electrifying.
  • It is a great tool to provide privacy protection.
  • It is the best Standard cleaning tool.

5. Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities is one of the top-notch PC optimizer tools for Windows. How?

As it not only optimizes your system but also benefits your system in maintaining digital privacy. 

This tool is perfect for your system as it optimizes hard drive,  processing power, and memory to give a smooth experience. 

Features Of Norton Utilities:

  • It removes and cleans all the outdated files to boost up your system’s performance.
  • All the deleted files can be recovered with this tool.
  • A simple application that helps in wiping your hard drive by removing and finding duplicate files.


Now that you are aware of all these, it is on you to speed up and to keep your system’s overall performance at its zenith.

But if someone urges us to opt for the best PC optimizer software for Windows in 2019, we would be recommending the latest optimizing software of 2019 i.e ITL Windows Optimizer. 

Undoubtedly, this amazing software is an excellent tool when it comes to its features and expert tasks. It is a well-preferred choice for beginners as well as the professionals, who are in need of such an optimizing tool. It speaks all about its mastery during execution. So download the optimization tool now!

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