Benefits of a Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website design

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Important Advantages of Responsive Web Design

A responsive website refers to the sites which render web pages according to the device or screen size of the user. A website is said to have an RWD (responsive web design) when its layout responds or resizes itself as per the dimensions of the display of a device.

The concept of responsive web design has been around even before smartphones existed. The word ‘responsiveness’ in relation to websites wasn’t coined until late 2010, but the concept of web-user fluidity was. Audi, in 2002, managed to pull off a primitive version of RWD by coming up with a website with three different sized layouts. These three varied layouts were meant to fit different browser window sizes and were the first of their kind. However, with Google’s shift to mobile-first in 2018, the need for a responsive design is no longer an option. Your website should be designed for the mobile and be responsive to different screen sizes.

Given below are a few reasons why a responsive website or web design is an important part of web marketing for your business in Boston:

  • Overall Speed

Probably the most prominent benefit of a responsive website is speed. The coding required to create a responsive web design helps itself by reducing the amount of overall code that is required. An RWD has the same set of code for the different layouts with just the geometry within it changing depending on the device it is being viewed on. This negates prolonged loading times making the site snappy.

  • Provides Better Ranking in Google Search Results

Google does not publicly favour any particular format of a mobile website, but when it comes to search rankings, their recommended format is a mobile-first design. When the search engine notices many people accessing a website and interacting with it, it starts ranking it higher. The overall speed and quick functioning of the website is also an important search engine ranking factor. The responsive design of the site ultimately improves the search engine optimization performance.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Maintaining different sites for mobile and non-mobile devices or audiences becomes an expensive affair. You can easily save money by opting for a responsive website and remove the cost of having a separate mobile site.

  • Flexibility

A responsive web design brings with it the flexibility to make quick and easy changes. The changes you make on the website will automatically reflect on all layouts of your responsive design. This is great to save time as you only have to make the necessary changes once and not multiple times in the case of different/non-responsive websites.

Seeing all the benefits of having a responsive website should surely leave no room for doubt about its importance to staying relevant and in competition with others. It is never too late to make changes. So, if your website does not have an RWD yet, it would be a smart idea to get started right away.

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