Role and need of Artificial Intelligence in Private Schools

artificial intelligence in school

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No one can deny the significant role private schools are playing in education. Schools established by any government in a country are not enough to provide education for the whole country. As per the growth of population, there is an intense need for a separate department to educate pupils. This ditch of demand can be filled by private schools. Provision of education is the business of private schools. Millions of students attend thousands of private schools for their education.

Due to scientific researches and rapid change of everything, education is creating new aspects to learn. This presents a massive pressure on schools and every school is looking for a competitive edge to attract the kids. 

Private schools will become creative schools by adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AI ideas for school management:

AI could be very helpful for school management in many ways. Management can develop efficient curriculum and enhance the counselling process with the help of artificial intelligence. By using artificial intelligence, management can improve the traditional educational process and help students with course scheduling. Some of the benefits of AI for school management include:

Support decision making:

Management has to make a lot of decisions daily, AI can provide support in decision-making responsibilities. By making the right decision at the right time, management can organize instructional resources efficiently and improve students’ learning.

Data visualizations, data science and machine learning can highlight relevant student information that can help in decision-making for a particular student.

Teacher evaluation system:

To boost students’ performance and provide better education services, teachers’ evaluation is crucial. Artificial Intelligence techniques such as data mining, neural networks and support vector machines can evaluate the ability of teachers. These techniques evaluate teachers based on teaching achievement novelty, teaching hours and teaching quality.

Not only this, but management can also provide solutions to improve teacher’s skills

Increase school security:

Artificial intelligence can make schools safe for students by increasing school security. For instance, if a person is pretending to be the father of a pupil and getting his intimate or confidential information that he can misuse, AI can prevent it. Management can use Facial Verification service by Shufti Pro and verify the identity of a father, mother or any other relative to proceed further.

AI ideas for teachers:

Artificial Intelligence could be very helpful for teachers in many ways. It can reduce the workload of teachers and can also assist them while grading a student. Some benefits of artificial intelligence for teachers are enlisted below:

Build students profiles:

Artificial intelligence is very beneficial for teachers, they can use clustering algorithms and create students’ profiles. This approach will help teachers to understand student according to his interests, fitness and skills.

Artificial intelligence is also very helpful to understand student characteristics such as learning styles, motivation, satisfaction and affective status. Data visualisations and machine learning are effective in creating a history map of the knowledge gained through time.

Teachers can create digital profiles of students using education type, student name, grade average, class size, gender and many more. These profiles would be helpful in extracting information for a particular student.

Academic performance:

Based on past performance, student behavioural patterns and grade point averages, machine learning can predict student score and future performance. Artificial Intelligence can also predict, which student will do well in a specific subject. Teachers can also construct adapting courseware using machine learning. Teachers can find diligent students based on body language patterns, marks and course attendance using machine learning.

Teachers can predict students dropouts, build student’s confidence and encourage students empowerment and individualisation using the machine and deep learning. Tailored plans can develop a student’s action and creativity using machine learning.

Image processing and deep learning can boost teachers performance by reducing the load of marking quizzes, exams and papers automatically.


Artificial Intelligence can play an important role in the learning capabilities of students and it can also enhance teachers’ performance. By installing artificial intelligence in schools, management can do a lot of things in a much better and efficient way for their academic success. Artificial intelligence and technologies related to it will also build the trust of parents for schools about their services. Using machine learning or deep learning, management can also create a web-based learning platform.

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