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Best Free Online Casual Games

Online casual games are a big addiction nowadays. Children, even adults, love such games due to its simplicity and fun. There are many available options when we search for Best free casual games. Hence to make it easier for you to get the best ones, I am listing down the most fun-loaded games one by one. But first, we will understand why casual games are so widespread! 

Why are casual games so popular? 

A well-experienced video gamer is aware of different types of games. Different gaming platforms are flooding with Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)games. There are a lot of action, puzzle, combat, sports, and real-time strategy games in the market. 

But among these all, Casual games are just simply outstanding. It is casual and fun-filled in real sense. You literally do not need to concentrate hard while playing. It is a pure form of entertainment. 

Moreover, you don’t need high-end devices and exclusive time slots to play these games. These are simple, easy to understand, fun loaded, and mostly free! Now you must be aware of why these games are becoming so popular from the last few years! Now let me directly take you to the list of different casual games.

Download Best free casual games for the most relaxed entertainment. 

Snake Beats

Not at all the standard snake game! Snake Beats is a new addition that has claimed immense love from the players worldwide. It is one of those games that can have you glued to it for hours.

Snake Beats is no-nonsense and simple gameplay kinda game app. The snake is rather a cool character coming with big headphones on its head. You just need to slide your finger to move the snake on the musical beats. 

In your way, you will encounter a number of musical blocks which are your obstacles. Move your snake in a way that it ditches the collision with the block. There are snake balls in the way that needs to be collected to keep the power levels high of your snake.  

The game adorns beautiful assets like multiple playing environments and multiple playing modes. There are options to choose a snakeskin for your snake and you can also choose your favorite music from the library. A complete light entertainment package for adults and kids!

Rise in Love 

Rise in Love

Want to combine Love and games? Well, the Rise in Love is the best combo of it! It is a three-character game where Dave has to act like a shield to protect his Love- Daisy. Jetpack boy showers different gifts, and Dave is trying to save his lady love from these temptations. 

You need to move Dave to protect Daisy and clear her way to reach the top, be aware of temptations and gifts showered by Jetpack boy!

You can unlock Superpowers and get free daily rewards. It is a fun loaded game but makes it tough to reach the high scores.  

Unlock amazing Super Powers for Dave & get Free Daily Rewards to play the most Amazing & Addictive Game of 2019. The gameplay is fun & easy, but it’s tough to reach high scores. 

Easy one-touch control, Multiple levels with beautiful graphics, random power-ups, kids friendly and endless game play make it the most popular 2019 casual love game app. 




Balance is a unique game combining education and fun, providing a relaxed, casual gaming session. It will teach a kid how power grids can work. Children are tasked to manage a steady supply of electricity by regular maintenance of power grids. 

As one progresses in the game, they also need to ensure that grids do not get overload by their capacities and they should not go beyond described limits. There are a lot of challenging missions filled up with stunning graphics and smooth animations. 

Simple control and straight forward gameplay will get you hooked. If you need challenging yet simple games to enjoy in the idle time, Balance is the ultimate option. Adults will enjoy testing their skills with such easy fun -filling game!


Home Fantasy – Dream Home Design Game 

This is a creative designing game. You can get a double dose of fun by cube blasting and dream home decoration. You can be an artistic home designer and can show off your innovative skills of furnishing and decorating.

Meanwhile, while decorating, you can match puzzles and get exciting rewards. Help people realize their dream by cube blast game, defend the glory of world-class designs. 

Beat the cube blast game, the match levels of various decoration elements, and maintain the glory of the top-class design. You can use multiple designing styles- modern, classic, rich, noble, many more to make dream designs for people. 

There are many engaging, and exciting match levels, plenty of color cube elements, tons of home decoration tasks and assignments. Abundant style options of furniture, a lot of decoration slots for every room of the house, frequent game updates, offline support, multiple boosts, secure sync with other devices — These are the features we must download this game for! 

Be it a living room, balcony, bathroom, or a bedroom -design everything as per your artistic views. Your dream house is totally under your control! So roll up the sleeves and bring your innovation while playing a relaxing home fantasy game! 


My Talking Tom 2 


My Talking Tom has been the most famous game so far in the casual gaming section. The creators of talking Tom brings this more entertaining version of the old game. You can play with your virtual friend Tom and have an adventure of life with him! Let’s check the coolest features of why we should download this game. 

  • Talking Tom is the cutest, funniest, and adorable character among all the character-based casual games! He reacts to everything you do.
  • You can feel every day -life fun while feeding him, washing him when he is dirty, and putting him on the bed when he is tired. Enjoy all the human activities with him in the most refreshing ways.
  • Tom is just like your real friend; sometimes he gets sick-when he has this BOOBOO go to the medical cabinet and take extra care of him!
  • You can play with his toys-shooting basketball hoops to jumping on the trampoline! You can pick him up -spin him or even throw him! Tom loves to enjoy all human emotions!
  • Explore new worlds with him by flying in his plane- find treasures and have a thrilling adventure.
  • Tom has a pet too! Yes! You can meet and play with his pet. Each pet has its own looks and personality.
  • Bonus feature- They are offering the brand-new feature of minigames! Which includes, puzzle games, action games, and Tom’s first multiplayer game!

Enjoy this cutest character by gaming and playing with him. Download this one of the best free casual games from the link below: 


Gardens capes


 Restore a beautiful garden to its previous glory through a story line that is full of unexpected twists and turns! It is a simple and captivating game.

Beat match -3 levels and embark on an adventurous journey! You can decorate different areas of the garden, enjoy the company of interesting in-game characters -Austin, A butler, and an adorable dog! Indulge yourself in gardening and become the hero of this game!

Check out some cool features of the game: 

  • Interesting in-games characters to make friends with.
  • Addictive swap-match, restore decor game play.
  • A funny puppy to cheer you up in the game.
  • Different garden areas. Each with unique structures like -mysterious mazes, a broken fountain, an old mansion and many more.
  • A straightforward game that can be played offline too!


Coin Master 


Coin master-the most heard, the most famous free casual game!

Can you travel with time and battle it out to be the best pirate, a hippie, a king a warrior, or maybe a Viking! 

Win your loot by landing gold sacks and coins so you can build a strong foundation for the next level of the game. Win shields to protect your village from other Vikings and be the coin master of the most energetic community! 

You can steal coins too! Attack and raid fellow Vikings! Fight hard to win your share of the loot. Take revenge on those who raided your village. You never know how much treasure you can find in someone else’s village! 

Join millions of players worldwide with the online community to step up your game.

Make new Viking friends and earn big rewards. Coin master is a free game on all devices with in-app purchases. 


Candy Crush Saga 


Do I need to introduce this game? Candy crush is the most addictive and sweetest casual game. You need to switch and continuously match the candies to progress in the game. Solve challenges with smart actions and swift moves. Enjoy rewards in the form of a multicolored cascade. 

You must schedule your actions by coordinating three-plus candies of the same row. Use your boosters wisely and overcome the other levels of the game. Don’t forget to crush chocolate to collect candies!

  • Spin the wheel of daily boosters to have free enjoyable rewards and taking part in the new difficulty levels will earn you more boosters with fun!
  • You can play alone or with friends. Compare scores with friends and competitors
  • Game modes that include target score clear the Jelly, order mode, and collect the ingredients. Such sweet ways to play the game!
  • Levels vary from easy to hard so adults can enjoy all forms of entertainment with offline and online accessibility.
  • Easy to sync with other devices and can trap you on the ongoing sweet candy cravings by beautiful graphics

Have fun playing candy crush saga repeatedly! Download this game from the link below: 


Stupid Zombies 2 

Are you tired of playing sweet-simple and cute character games? Well then give a try to this Zombie game! It is straightforward and has a fantastic feature to boost your playing urges! 

It has exciting, brainless creatures, weapons, and puzzles. You can’t kill an already dead character, but you can undoubtedly blast by shooting in their general direction.  

This game is just all about you and your struggle with Zombies. So you need to make sure that you stop that angry horde before you run out of bullets. 

The creepy graphics, weird arena sets a perfect Zombie-land feeling while you play the game. The choice between a male or female character, 600+ levels to play and smooth game play -all wrapped up in a slick player-friendly package 


Bubble Shooter 


The epic, cute and exciting game! Aim and match the bubbles wherever you want to shoot. You can group three or more bubbles and then burst it. Clear all the bubbles of the screen to enter into the new level of the game. The less you move to pass a level, the more points you can gain. 

At the end of the game, you will be rewarded by coins according to your score. Click the falling bubbles to get a higher score. Let’s check out some basic features of the game. 

  • A lot of fun with smooth operation
  • Beautiful images with amazing special effects
  • Exotic props to help you move to the next level
  • Offline gaming option available
  • Combination of multiple bubbles with different roles

If you have enjoyed the previous bubble shooting game, give a try to this new-more fun loaded version of the game!


Amazing Fishing 


It is an easy fun fishing game! You must explore different oceans to catch more fish. You can enjoy an immensely satisfying experience of gaming while using the simple game operation mode. 

Try your best to get the rarest of the rare fish and earn more rewards. If you are stuck in traffic or just soaking the Sun on lazy weekends, this game will give you a relaxed fun-filled enjoyment. Check out the coolest features of the game 

  • Fun -loaded easy gameplay
  • More than fifty categories to fish are available
  • Nine maps are there to explore new areas
  • Oceans are filled up with mysterious treasures and rewards
  • A boss fish will challenge you the most
  • Upgrade your fishing accessories -fishing rods and containers and be a professional fisherman
  • Don’t miss the coolest goldfish mode!

Easter eggs will bring a surprise element for you. Even you can find Penguins in the game! Click this link to download the game now 


Twist Hit! 

If I have to mention the simplest time pass game on this list then definitely, I will recommend Twist hit on the top! You need to fill the rings to plant the tree, and you can save the forest. Let’s see how many trees you can grow! Hold tight to fill the ring and be careful from all the possible obstacles! 

Listing down the best features of this game 

  • Simple, satisfying gameplay
  • Fun and relaxing experience while playing
  • easy controls and smooth operation
  • Bright effects with beautiful graphics
  • Different destinations with real-life feeling
  • Intense arcade gameplay
  • Picturesque landscapes

You and your kids can experience a satisfying feeling by playing this meaningful game. Share the message of growing more trees to save the environment in the most refreshing manner! Click this link below to download this game.


Catapult King


 This one is especially for all the fantasy lovers! This game is one of the best 3D fantasy adventure games. Takedown, the castle, face a fire breathing dragon and save the princess! A perfect fantasy-fun combo pack! It offers in-app purchases, but you may restrict it by your device settings. Let me introduce the smart features of the game one by one. 

  • The story is no different from contemporary princess tales. A princess gets kidnapped by a dragon, and you need to rescue her by your arsenals. You will be given some coolest arsenals and cannonballs and power-ups too!
  • Face the nasty knights which are helping the dragon to captivate the princess. You can teach them a lesson in more than a hundred challenging ways.
  • You can earn magic when you complete a level.
  • Use the spell to enchant the catapult. For accuracy, give your catapult a line of sight. Use the Earthshock to blast the monsters. Easy controls and game play will make you addicted to this game.
  • Easy to download and user-friendly controls make this game more addictive
  • Captivating graphic and well-designed characters will help you delve under the castle for more and more gaming!

Download the game now for unlimited fantasy-filled adventures! 


So far, you have seen all the available free and easy casual game options! Try your luck and efforts on these games to enjoy best-relaxed entertainment. Few games like snake Beats, Rise in Love, and Amazing Fishing stands out from other games. These games give a fun-loaded gaming experience. 

Enjoy a few of these free casual games on lazy Sunday and have the most relaxing experience!

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