5 Best Kundali Matching Apps For Marriage – Free Download

Best Kundali Matching Apps for Marriage

Marriages are made in heaven but they are consummated on earth. While there are people for whom finding a soulmate is important, there are others who believe that Kundali (horoscope) matching is what determines who your soulmate is. 

Technology has gifted us a few best astrology apps for Android and other platforms, that use the most accurate Kundali matching software for marriage. Marriage horoscope matching is a prerequisite to finalising a marriage in various cultures all over the world. 

A Kundali matching app uses the birth charts of both the partners to identify how compatible a couple is and how their life will be affected based on each other’s birth charts, post marriage. 

Kundali Matching for Finding The Right Partner

Kundali matching to find the right partner

Kundali matching app for marriage generally uses three major aspects to identify if marriage horoscope match proves that two people are compatible for marriage- Guna Milan, Manglik dosha and the strength of navamsa chart. 

The most important part of Kundali matching is getting the date and time of birth of both the probable partners and their names. Of course the next important step is to visit an astrologer who will make the birth charts of the two and match the horoscopes giving out a guna matching score. The authenticity of the results however depends on the reliability of the astrologer. 

Kundali matching apps for marriage help in simplifying this tiring task, while maintaining the accuracy and authenticity of the results.

Kundali matching is based on Ashta koot or 8-kutas that in turn have 36 gunas, divided into these 8 kuta’s. These ashtakoota include- Varna Koot, Vasya Koot, Tara Koot, Yoni Kuta, Graha Maitri Koota, Gan Koot, Bhakoot And Nadi Koot. 36 points are divided in these 8 aspects and based on the compatibility, every koot is scored for the couple and a score is given based on both partners’ birth chart. 

A compatibility score more than 33 out of 36 is considered to be an excellent match, however, a couple is considered incompatible and marriage is said to be unfavourable if the score is less than 18. A score between 18 to 24 is considered an average match while score ranging from 25 to 32 is a very good score for marriage success. 

Here’s a list of 5 Best Astrology apps for Kundali Matching-

  • Daily Horoscope and Astrology

    Daily Horoscope and Astrology

    Daily Horoscope and Astrology is not only the most accurate Kundali matching app for marriage but is is also one of the best astrology app for Android. Allowing the users to stay updated about the various Hindu festivals, this app also provides month Panchang, daily Panchang, upcoming Upvas, and the most favourable muhurat of the day. The most alluring part of this kundali matching app is the Kundali matching software for marriage that allows the users to identify the guna matching score and mangal dosha. The score for marriage horoscope by date of birth can be viewed instantly for free; however, a small amount is charged for downloading the detailed marriage horoscope match report. 

Along with Kundali matching, this app also allows the users to view their daily horoscope predictions.

Based on ancient Indian astrology, Daily horoscope and astrology presents its users with most amazing features like Janam Kundli and Kundli Matching, Hindu vrat and tithis, Aarti lyrics, detailed analysis on Mangal dosha and Kaal Sarp dosha. 

  • Yodha- My Astrology and Horoscope

    Yodha My Astrology and Horoscope

Yodha is an astrology and horoscope app for Kundali matching. Allowing users to use Kundali matching by name, this kundali matching app for marriage also provides daily astrological predictions. Available for iOS users, this app also provides the facility for interacting with an astrologer online. 

  • Astrosage Kundli: Astrology

    Astrosage Kundli Astrology

Ranking third on the list of 5 best astrology apps for Android and other platforms, Astrosage kundli is an extension of Astrosage app, which is a free mobile app that provides horoscope predictions, software for birth chart preparation and Kundali matching software for marriage. Based on Indian astrology, Astrosage Kundli allows the users to access monthly panchang, daily predictions, Kundli preparation and is a cool marriage kundali matching app.
Astrosage Kundli is available on Android 

  • Kundali


Kundali is another
Kundli matching app for marriage that helps in detailed analysis of Kundli by defining the yogas and doshas in Kundli, while also highlighting the favourable times. It lets users work on their personalized dashboard where they can also save their reports for later consultations. 

Apart from Kundli matching, Kundli app allows its users to get life reports with astrology and personalized numerological reports. Available for Android users, it is one of the most amazing and best astrology apps for android

  • Easy Astrology

    Easy Astrology

Easy Astrology stands 5th in the five best astrology app for android and other platforms. With this kundali matching app, users can also easily find the zodiac signs of friends and family. This app lets you identify the eastern and western zodiac signs, just with the help of your birth date. 

To Summarize…

Centuries old customs for marriage include Kundali Matching as the foremost step, in almost all Indian religions and many different parts of the World. Diverse cultures around the World believe in birth charts and astrology, and use online astrology apps for finding their zodiac signs, getting astrological predictions, analysing the birth chart for different yogas and doshas in a Kundli and finding remedies for different astrological doshas. 

For marriage, Kundali matching apps are booming these days, as it makes easier for people to match horoscopes and find their compatibility, sitting in the confines of their home, with full privacy and personalization. 

In many cultures, marriage is known to be unfavourable if the Kundali matching detects any major Dosha like Mangal Dosha or if the Guna matching score is less than 16. However, different remedies have been defined in astrology to get rid of the doshas in a Kundali.


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