10 Free Tarot Apps That Will Actually Help You Deal with Life

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Leading the pack, these top 10 free tarot apps are trending and giving a tough competition to other free tarot card reading app.

Are the hurdles of your career never seem to end? Or you are one of those lovers, who have been cheated and deserted in this brutal world? Or are you someone who is struggling with the business and trying to make ends meet?

Then, a list of these 10 free tarot apps is just for you! Because the answer or the guidance to all the above problems and more lies in the vast Universe.

Wondering, what exactly this is all about? Which is this Universe? And how you can connect to it and get things fixed?

Here, is the easy way out.

The universe is nothing but “One’s Own Higher Self”. The most powerful sources of information and answers to all our queries come from within. Tarot or psychic card reading is a medium through which we connect with our ‘Higher Self’. Most of us visualize Tarot cards with a beautiful woman in unusual attire, sitting in a dark room with candles all over and gazing towards a foretelling impending doom.

But that’s not how tarot cards work.

Tarot card reading is a mystic art of connecting intuitions and predicting future events. For accurate life predictions, you must have a good clairvoyant who is often expensive and far. The quest for getting good tarot reader is difficult and it is a challenge to find one with whom you can connect on a deeper level.

So the question is.

How can you find genuine and accurate Tarot card readers for guidance?

No worries!

In this 21st century, we have a digital solution for everything. The veteran tarot card readers or guides have bundled their expertise and knowledge in the form of mobile applications. These apps are easy to install, use, and help you find the right guidance for tarot and life. The increasing interest of people in Tarot card reading has seen a sudden jump in use of such mobile applications, and to pick the right one out of the lot, has become even more challenging now.

In this article, we’ll look into the Top 10 Free Tarot apps that will actually help you deal with life and its unseen challenges.  Let’s begin.

1. Tarot Cards Reading and Numerology | Tarot Life

Tarot Life

Available: Android | iPhone

Rating: 4.6 | 4.6

Innovana Techlabs Limited’s Tarot Life application is a wonderful app to predict future and get insights into your past, present, and future. Its thoughtful design and intriguing features give this app an edge over all the free tarot readings applications available online. The app proves an extensive tarot guide for all those who want to learn or enhance their knowledge about tarot cards. Tarot Life provides insightful tarot predictions for Love, Career, Finance and Yes Or No Tarot through 3-Card Reading and even elaborate spreads. Another interesting feature of this application is Numerology Numbers and Chart.

Top Features:

  • Daily Tarot reading,

  • Love Tarot,

  • Finance Tarot,

  • Yes or No Tarot card reading,

  • True love spread,

  • Career path spread,

  • Success spread

  • Numerology

The most important and my favorite part of the app is “Ask a question”. Here you can initiate a personal tarot guide session and get answers for all your questions. This section amazes you with its wonderful personalized guidance and tarot reports. Its detailed reports offer complete insights into the situation and help users to deal with their problems effectively. Moreover, you can even learn about Tarot with detailed meanings about each Major Arcana Card.

The accurate results and easy user interface makes tarot life undoubtedly the best online free tarot card reading app among all.

2. Daily Tarot Plus 2019

Daily Tarot Plus

Available: Android | iPhone

Rating: 4.6 | 4.7

Daily Tarot Plus 2019 app, designed by Tap Genius Ltd. is among the highly rated daily free tarot card reading apps. The application includes tarot spreads, specialized in love, relationships, career, health, finances, etc. This app also predicts your daily lucky number, color & horoscope. It includes a standard deck of 78 tarot cards with 38 spread layouts. Simply choose your card and this app will give you sophisticated answers about different aspects of life.

3. Galaxy Tarot

Galaxy tarot

Available: Android

Rating: 4.5

Galaxy Tarot app is designed for both beginners and experienced Tarot readers. The app includes Tarot card encyclopedia that has detailed information about each and every card. You have to simply shuffle the deck and choose your card. Once the card is selected, the app will send a message which will act as a guide to your problem and help you progress in life.

Galaxy Tone Software’s Tarot app comes with six tarot spreads like Past, Present, Future spread and the Celtic spread. The app also allows you to purchase new spreads through its in-app option. Using it you may know how to use tarot for life and future insights.

4. Tarot Card Reading – Love & Future Daily Horoscope
Tarot Card Reading - Love & Future Daily Horoscope

Available: Android

Rating: 4.4

Unlike other top-rated Tarot apps, this application has quite a big list of features to choose from. Based on Rider-Waite deck, this app uses 78 cards deck including both 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The app allows you to get insightful tarot prediction for life’s complex situations and mires. Some of the most alluring features are whether your wish will be fulfilled or Not, your full year’s predictions, monthly readings and details on your dreams, ambitions, love life, health, money and more. The app is available in offline mode and is both a good tarot guide & a well-designed entertainment tool.

5. Yes Or No Tarot
Yes or No tarot

Available: Android

Rating: 4.1

I simply love this application because of its instant answers. Horoscope.com’s Yes Or No Tarot mobile app is extremely light and too the point app. You need to simply select the category of the issue, for instance, your questions related to love, career, finances, etc., from the list and pick your card. The interactive application answers instantly and shares quick tarot insights. Yes, that’s it.

6. Golden Thread Tarot

Golden Thread Tarot

Available: Android | iPhone  

Rating: 4.7 | 4.8

A fantastic modern-day Tarot application, designed to inspire the true essence of Tarot card reading. Tina Gong, the designer of Labyrinthos Academy, used her experience of Tarot cards and UX to create this amazing card reading application. Golden Thread Tarot saves and stores the tarot readings in a log, for understanding and matching the patterns that were once hidden. It provides a simple, yet intuitive approach in searching the cards, giving you details on their meanings, numbers & suits.

7. Tarot & Numerology
Tarot & Numerology

Available: iPhone

Rating: 4.7

This is not just a tarot application but a complete package of readings through tarot cards and numerology. With its Daily forecasts and Tarot card of the day, the app includes numerology calculators for future predictions. It has a customizable Deck creator, where you can upload your artwork to create your own deck. In addition, they claim to have two dozen of expert Tarot card readers who will read your spreads and also provide specialized reading topics. Besides these free features, this app also holds 16 original decks in-app purchases.

8. Tarot Sampler

Tarot Sampler

Available: Android | iPhone

Rating: 4.8 | 4.7

The Fool Dog’s Tarot card sampler app includes cards from dozens of different tarot decks (60 namely). In addition to full card meanings, it also includes short excerpts from many tarot books. The app is a perfect way to know how to read tarot cards in an intuitive way.  Using Tarot Sampler feature of the app, you can also share your readings with your friends on social media platforms.

9. Angel Tarot – Free Reading
Angel tarot

Available: Android

Rating: 4.6

Angel Tarot app is based on the concept that there are helpers, known as angels who carry the messages from the Universe to us. These invisible and spiritual angels guide us across various phases of our life and get success in the stages of love, career, money and many more. The app consists of 32 beautifully designed cards, with authentic & unique readings.

10. Psychic Reading & Tarot | Keen


Available: iPhone

Keen app helps you receive psychic readings from anywhere and anytime through their extensive telephonic and 24/7 chat support. Besides regular personalized horoscopes & card readings, Keen is popular because of its unique network of more than 1700+ trusted tarot guides or advisors who are a reliable source for psychic insights and guidance.



Tarot is for life and I hope after reading this, you will get clarity about the Tarot reading app that you should pick which will suit all your needs. My pick will be Tarot Life for sure. Its readings are so insightful and on-point. It even helps me to start my day on a positive note. Moreover, the numerology feature is a plus. The icing on the cake? It is absolutely FREE to download!  

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