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Advantages of eBooks Over Printed Books

Today, every aspect of life is dominated by digital technology. We are 24×7 surrounded by electronic devices that run on digital technology. These digital devices have made our lives easier many folds. Not just that, they also form the basis of functioning of all the major industries.

Thus, like any other industry, the publishing industry is also no different. In recent times, it has witnessed a paradigm shift in its publishing methods and platforms. Most importantly, many publishers have come up with digital publishing services for authors.

Over the traditional print publishing, digital publishing offers several perks, which has resulted in many writers to go digital with their books or magazines. Thus, in this blog, we will be discussing each of them in detail.

Easy Accessibility

The biggest advantage of an E-Book is its easy accessibility. Unlike the traditional print books, where one has to go to the library and search for the book, an E-Book can immediately be downloaded from the internet on the mobile or tablet without any hassle. All the information can be obtained comfortably at the desk.


Interactivity is an essential component to develop the interest of the readers. Surpassing the limitations of a print books, an E-book can be incorporated with audio, video and animations. Such elements can immediately evoke the visual interest of the readers and at the same time convey the message more precisely in pictorial format. The readers can even adjust the font size as per their convenience.

Saves trees

Most of us keep taking a pledge to save trees. But do we actually do something in reality to save them? E-Books can drastically reduce the burden put on trees for making paper. In fact, it is the best way to leverage digital technology to save the environment. Thus, no matter you might not be able to directly save the environment. But, by reading E-books, you are indirectly contributing to saving the environment.

Night reading

If you are a person who loves to comfortably read a book at night by laying down on the bed, E-Book is the best option for you. Most smartphones and tablets have a feature of adjusting their light and resolution to night mode, which makes it convenient to read the book even when the lights are off.


Imagine going out for a long journey and carrying a bulk of books with you to read. Carrying such a load could be highly frustrating and ruin your entire trip experience. On the contrary, you can carry thousands of E-Books in your smartphone or tablet without any hassle.


When it comes to ease of distribution, E-Books are again the most convenient option. Unlike the traditional print books where one has to empty his pocket for its distribution to different libraries and book stores, with just a single share button, an E-Book can be distributed to the thousands of readers all at once.


In paper books, the addition of any information means increasing its number of pages. No doubt, books like encyclopaedia are quite informative, but they are difficult to carry. On the other hand, an E-book can practically store an infinite number of information and can be easily accessed quickly while sitting at any place.

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