6 Tools and Tips for Transcribing Videos Faster

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Transcription is the method of converting video or audio files into a written format. A good transcriptionist needs to be a multi-tasker, research-oriented, agile, and accurate in typing. As a transcriptionist, you learn to type quicker, use the right equipment and model your workspace ergonomically to increase the quality of your transcript. You learn to transcribe quickly when you work hard and show commitment.

In this article, we will discuss six tools and tips for transcribing videos faster which will certainly improve your transcription efficiency.

Having High-Quality Headphones

A good headphone is one of the most essential tools for any transcriber. The use of good quality headphones can make it easy for you to comprehend audio clearly. Individuals interested in working as a transcriptionist online would like to learn about the correct headphones.What are some of the best brands available when selecting headphones for transcription work?

Each transcriber’s ear is an important asset.Transcribers need excellent listening skills and they have to spend a great deal of time transcribing them. Therefore the selection of the right headphones becomes all the more important.

Transcribers usually spend about three to five hours writing from an audio file. However, a rookie would need double the time to pull it off.

Since you have spent so much time transcribing an audio file, the right headphones are important to buy.You need to look at these three features when you’re ready to buy your transcription headset.

  • Relief
  • Cost
  • Working Atmosphere

Effective Use of Transcription Software

Good software for transcription has keyboard shortcuts that allow you, when necessary, to rewind, pause, speed up or slow down audio. You will have to download a dedicated transcription program to allow your own playback using just your keyboard or foot pedal if you are turning your dynamic video to text transcription. It removes the irritation that you continuously start and stop the audio with your mouse.

For experienced transcriber some of the best video& audio transcription software available today are as follows:

  • The FTW Transcriber.com


  • The superior quality of sound
  • You can personalize the time code and the time-stamps are automatically set.
  • Code can automatically convert forms of audio or video into other formats.
  • You can insert your audio or video file in an MS Word document.
  • Awesome service to customers. In 24 hours you’ll receive a human reply.
  • Cost-effective € 0.93 per month, or $22.32 per license 24 months.


  • Works on Windows Operating System only.
  • Limited Free version.

Express Scribe Software


  • Free to try and buy at $34.99, very affordable.
  • Easy to use and intuitive.
  • Excellent for beginners and skilled transcriptionists.
  • Imports nearly any video or audio file.
  • Works on Mac and PC.


  • Hard to change the time-stamps.
  • Fewer Options.

Start-Stop Universal Transcription System


  • Works with nearly every video and audio format.
  • A USB foot pedal included.
  • The setting of your time code can be personalized.
  • You can type your audio or video file into MS Word.
  • Upgrading free software.
  • Free technical support throughout your life.


  • Works only on Windows Operating System

Correction/Improvement Tool KitsAreActuallyUseful

Correctional tools like MS Word AutoCorrect and QuickCorrect from Word Perfect can help you reduce the keystroke frequency while typing, improving your transcription accuracy significantly. Since these devices are often disabled by default, you will have to check the setup to make sure that these features are actually working.

Search for “auto-complete”

Word processors offer features like “auto-complete,” like in Microsoft Word.

Since these tools understand some abbreviations and complete the word that you start writing, your transcription speed will also increase.

For video files with several speakers and a lot of dialogues frequently,typing labels can be terrible. You can automatically insert generic labels such as Speaker 1: and Speaker 2: tags using the built-in autocorrect feature on your PC or Mac word processing software.

Getting a Foot Pedal

You can stop and start playing audio with your foot by means of a USB foot pedal. The easiest and quickest way to increase transcription output is to use a foot pedal to monitor playback. Audio replication without the use of the mouse is achieved by foot pedals, which remove the need for multiple tasks while transcribing. Most pedals today, such as the famous Infinity USB, a plug-in-play device, so you can get the extra speed boost right away.

The Motivation for Faster Typing

You should first try to type faster if you want to be effective in transcription work. These tricks include all of your ten fingers, hot-to-take learning and keyboard memory shortcuts. By using apps like Typing Maniac, Keybr.com, or TypeRacer you can upgrade these skills.

There are some great Ways for Speeding up Your Turnaround Time (TAT)

  • Use more quality transcription performance instruments: Using Word Auto-Correct and Macro Features is a clear way of improving the transcription work. Word expander technology, such as instant text or shorthand, is available to significantly increase your efficiency and speed up your transcription time. Make sure you use a foot pedal as well.
  • Mastery over languages and pronunciations: Because you may not have the many dialects and accents you’re speaking around the world personally, the rate of transcription may slow down considerably, because you may not understand what you’re hearing in the audio. There are good web sites, where audio transcripts covering the different English language dialects and accents as spoken worldwide are freely accessible. You would do well to practice these, to know ears and to develop your transcript time.
  • Makes your office humanly sound:It’s very important to make your office sound ergonomically in order to avoid discomfort during work and to increase your performance, output and transcription speed.

With the tools and techniques mentioned above, transcribers can greatly improve their transcription speed. It is quite obvious that you will find them useful when transcribing videos so that you have more time to concentrate on making good stuff.

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