#5 Old SEO Techniques that No Longer Work in 2019


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Old SEO Technique’s – Works or not?

So the year is 2019 but most content creators still can’t help, but use the same old stone aged techniques that no matter how out of touch they have become. All the best SEO companies in India experience progress by accepting modern SEO techniques into their business practices. So below mentioned are some of the old SEO techniques that you need to alienate yourself within 2019-

Keyword Obsession

The whole premise is still relevant. Of course, you want your focus keyword to appear close to the title. But the ancient tactic of jamming a number of the semi-relevant keywords is no longer efficient.

Sure, you might be able to go around the search algorithm and have your page ranked at the top, but once the viewers find that your content is nothing in relation to what they are looking for, they will leave instantly that is a knockout punch for your future ranking.

Now, this isn’t to say that keyword placement is insignificant, but it will serve you better long term if you focus on catering to the viewer’s needs. Basically, it no longer helps to merely include “best pizza shop, cheap pizza, tasty pizza place, etc” keywords for you blog on pizza.

Internal links have lost their shine

Sort of. Make no mistake, generating internal links is still a helpful tool in attracting viewers to your site, but most people still see it as a deciding factor in generating trafficking which simply isn’t the case.

You should definitely provide internal links, but overdosing on that stuff will make your work look a bit spammy and misinformed. You can decorate your site with all the attractive designs, and back up your content with proven statistics as well, but including tons of internal backlinks just act as a repellent to the visitors.

Large content = good content, No More

The biggest misconception people have about SEO ranking is that bloating the whole content with 2000+ words is a surefire way to have the search crawlers’ attention and automatically skyrocket your work to higher rankings, but the scenario has changed. It is better now to instead include relevant images and videos within the content, as they have your viewers more engaged while making the whole thing look far more official and expertly-made. There’s nothing better than being able to engage your viewers for a long time, but making them go through a full novel with simple words is far from the best way to do so.

Spreading Your Content into Multiple Domains

Creators of od always believed that creating microsites or subdomains would spread their potential visitors throughout them, and overall create more trafficking. But really when you think about it, segmenting your work into 4 different places if anything, will only lead to 25% result of the effort you make. In Fact, the best thing for you is to accumulate all your followers within a single large group and then cater them as per their needs. This is much more likely to assist SEO than chopping off your concentration into multiple platforms.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text generation has been done to death sadly, but many still consider it to be the holy grail for more popularity.

The technique used to be effective, but in 2019 anchor text no longer directs the influence over your target keyword like it used to, and this is simply because everyone today does it.

Like many other old SEO habits, this one is still somewhat functional, but in general, you are just better off focusing on the quality of your content more than anything else.


Although the aforementioned points are difficult to swallow, the thing is that today relevancy with what your viewer wants to see is the primary focus for search engines (like it should be). The algorithm changes every single day and often comes up with major shake-ups to promote the user interface phenomena. So the best thing to do is catering to the existing viewers, rather than scratching through the barrel of loopholes in pursuit of tricking new viewers.

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