Reasons why the Indian Cricket Team wear orange jerseys

orange jerseys

Blue jersey is one of the most synonymous parts of the Indian cricket team in some of the shorter game formats. In 1992, the World Cup was held in colored clothing but after that India started wearing blue colored jerseys till now. Ergo, they have given nickname men in blue. India’s blue jersey is among one of the most recognized attires in the sports till now.

Probing further, last year during the ongoing World Cup India wore orange colored jerseys with a darker shade of blue on the collars. Indian team wore orange-colored attire especially against the team of England when matches were held in Birmingham in 2019. They are so many reasons that made India to wear this colored attire, if you want to know about then have a look:

According to the ICC’s new rule, all the participating teams needed to have two different colored kits one for televised events and others for matches. Only the hosting teams were allowed to remain in one collared attire throughout the World Cup matches. Both the countries India and England are having blue-colored jerseys, England was the hosting team that’s why they were able to remain in one colored attire throughout the matches but with ICC notice, the Indian team was given orange-colored attire to wear. Therefore, one of the first and most important reasons why India wore orange jerseys. Ergo, India will have to wear orange color attire against all the teams having blue-colored jerseys similar to them.

There are many more other countries as well whose attire got changed in the World Cup matches against their competing teams. ICC released that the teams are going to be notified every time which colored kit they have to wear against which team but no one knows if World cup matches are going to be held this year or not. Just because of the pandemic outbreak of COVID, the matches are delayed for a while as soon as the information comes out from BCCI and ICC people will be informed. ICC new rules have already started from the year 2019 and this is going to remain till the time they come out with any new rule. All the teams that wear blue colored jerseys will have to be there in the uniforms selected by the ICC (International Cricket Council).

But the question arises how the fans will know which their favourite teams win colored kit? These people will have to stay connected with the internet because, after the information from the Cricket Council, only people will be informed about all this. Moreover, ICC said that we don’t want the colors of two teams competing to clash because sometimes the TV viewers are not able to tell the difference between the teams. Hence, this is the reason why this decision has been made.

Therefore, this is all, to have more reasons why India started wearing orange jerseys to stay connected with us. We will find out some other reasons to clarify you with this statement.

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