How to Use a Hockey Shooting Tarp at Home

Although every hockey player dreams of their own private rink to hone their skills in, most of us can’t afford such ludicrous luxuries. However, with the use of a hockey shooting tarp, and synthetic ice tiles, you can practice your ice hockey skills from any large, flat space. Your garage, your backyard, your driveway; all of these are more than viable options. In fact to practice with a shooting tarp you don’t even need the synthetic ice, you can shoot from slick tiles and get great training just as well.

The first thing you have to do is set it up:

Set Up Your Shooting Tarp

Your Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp can be set up virtually anywhere that has some space and a ceiling. Installation is pretty simple, you just have to make sure that the tarp is tight and secure.Once you have it secure and ready to use you will be able to shoot full-force shots into it and not worry about breaking things.

Practice Short Shots

With the help of slick tiles, or dryland tiles, you can set up your shooting practice in a way that suits your needs. You can put a pile of pucks, ready to go within reach and repeatedly shoot sniper shots to each of the target holes  on the tarp. High to the right, low to the left. You choose, and steadily make stellar shots. Practice like this leads to perfection during the game.

Practice Wide Angular Shots

If you prefer the synthetic ice tiles, you can build a whole rink in your garage, or wherever. This will give you an advantage to practice those long, nearly impossible shots that end up winning the game. Don’t be afraid to put your shoulder into it because the rugged design of the tarp is meant to take on the hardest of shots without causing harm to anything behind it.

Test Your Skills

The hockey shooting tarp was designed to push training and skill development to the max. There are small targets located in various spots on the tarp. Each  target area will strengthen a different hand eye coordination skill. Because of this, you can switch around at your leisure and strive for the ultimate skill development in each practice session.

Where to Find High-Quality Hockey Training Products

If you’re looking for quality hockey shooting tarps and synthetic ice pads, look no further than Sniper’s Edge Hockey. They can provide you with quality products that can be set up in the blink of an eye. If you’re a private player, that means you can assemble your own mini-rink in a few minutes, and take it down just as quickly.

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