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Real Fantasy Sports

The craze for fantasy sports like Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, etc., in India is growing day by day. With Indians admiring football (Cricket still being the number 1 sport), the fantasy gaming industry has seen a lot of opportunity when it comes to fantasy football. Not only that, with the Indian Football Team receiving love from all over the country, one can definitely say that the future of football as a sport in India is bright and shiny.

For people who do not know what fantasy football is, here’s a head up for you. Fantasy football is nothing but a virtual sporting game wherein the user creates a team of his/her favourite players. Now, the main benefit of playing a fantasy football game on platforms like Dream11 is that you get the opportunity to select players from both the teams that are going to compete against each other in the live match. With so many football matches and leagues being held across the globe, the users get to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to football as sport. Fantasy football adds an extra layer of its regular watchers and fandom to own and manage a team.

The user can either participate in one particular match or can participate in an entire league.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Football

There are many benefits of playing fantasy football online on platforms like Dream11. Here’s a list of few of the benefits:

  • Feels like a part of the live match – Fantasy football allows users to feel as if they were playing the real match.
  • Available anytime, anywhere – A user has the privilege to play fantasy football anytime and anywhere. No need to stick to one place to enjoy your favourite sport. Just log in to the fantasy platform, create your team and you are good to go.
  • Skills & Knowledge – Apart from entertainment, fantasy football also enhances a user’s knowledge and skills related to the sport
  • Prizes – Fantasy platforms allow the user to score points when the actual player performs well in the live match. Once the user has collected a certain amount of points, he is eligible to win exciting prizes.

How to Play Fantasy Football?

Here are a few tips that will help you build a perfect team.

  • Create an account on any Fantasy Sports platform
  • Select an option from any of the ongoing or upcoming matches or leagues that blend in with your commitment and time
  • Select players who you think would perform well in the actual match and help you win as many points as possible
  • Select a Captain and a Vice Captain for your team
  • Click on ‘Create Team’ and keep a track of the points that you score
  • Platforms like Dream11 also give you the option to create multiple fantasy teams.

So at the end of this article, we hope that you understand what exactly is fantasy football, how to play the game and what are it’s exciting benefits. So sign up today and enjoy playing fantasy football online.

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