What you need to know! When Buying a Pool Cue?

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How to Choose a Pool Cue: Best 5 Steps

The market of pool cues has developed so fast, that buying one can be quite challenging. However, a pool cue it depends on many factors, as well as how bigger is your pool table, which material is best for playing a specific game and so on.

This is a short list with things you need to consider when buying a pool cue.

#1 – Your skill level.

Think about how many games you played and if you want to reach a professional level or so. If it’s just a hobby, when played with your friends on a Friday night, it’s not worth to spend more than $400 on a pool cue.

If you are stubborn and want to make a real thing playing pool, you’ll see that it’s much harder to play with a professional cue. Those are weighing a lot more and are harder to control.

#2 – The material.

Nowadays, there are many fabrics and materials from which you can made out a pool cue.

  • wood – straight-grained hard rock maple wood, ivory, ebony, pine, and all the exotic woods.
  • fiberglass
  • hybrid – which means that you get both of the materials mentioned before, for a greater experience in your hand.

As a beginner, the best choice would be the fiberglass clue. The main reason is that is cheaper than others, and it’s much easier to control it.

As an advanced player, the material will not be a big problem. Once your hands are already experienced in tricks when playing pool, you will achieve the game’s goals; either it’s a hard weight pool cue or a light one.

However, advanced players are always choosing those cues https://sportsavis.com/best-pool-cues/that are pricier.

#3 – The price.

After you have restrained the wide range of pool cues (with the help of the two point mentioned ), it’s time to restrained it much more due to your budget.

As a beginner, you can find cues that are costing under $50 on the Internet. But if you are in a specialized storefront, you’ll need to double the price.

As an intermediate or a semi-professional player, your budget should rise somewhere between $150 and $300. Of course, as the price rises up, the quality and performance are fitting much better.

As a true trained player, pool cues can range between $300 and $500. But after all, any cent is worth it. The quality can be feelin through the balance, straightness, handle wraps, aesthetic and style. Many people are caring about how their cue is looking like, and thanks to the designers, there are many and diverse paintings on them.

However, if you really are into playing any type of pool, you can either choose to create your own cue – which should fit your preferences and needs. But, as you can imagine, this could be an one expensive process.

#4 – Maintenance and Care.

As well as any over-used object, even a pool cue needs to be taken care of (from time to time). If you are keeping the cue as a decorative object, don’t worry about the maintenance – the colors will not fade.

The reason you have to take care of your cue is for a fair and nice pool game.

First thing to look up for is where you store it. Try to place it in a dry place from your house, because for wood cues, humidity may be a true problem.

That’s why, consider to think of how much space do you own, when buying a pool cue.

The second thing is to buy a stand. Due to the round shape, a cue can fall, scratch or even break, if it’s not supported by anything.

However, if you want to maintain your wooden cue as bright as it was when first bought, buy a qualitative varnish or some wood oils. After you applied the varnish, try not to use it for 2 or 3 days, in order to let it dry properly. Overall, maintaining a cue in a good form, will not be so expensive as expected.

#5 – Try the wrap.

There are many fabrics from which a wrap can be made, such as leather, nylon, Irish linen or any exotic wrap. It’s better to try and buy a wrap, in order to make your cue feel more comfortable within your hands.

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