Advantages of Gaming in 2020 – Video Games Are Good For You

benefits of video games

Top 5 Advantages or Benefits of Playing Video Games

Super Mario. Sonic the Hedgehog. Crash Bandicoot. If any of these names sound familiar to you, then you had a good childhood. In the past two decades, gaming has become one of the most integral parts of children’s activity. Starting from being mildly popular, it has now reached the height of popularity.

However, as a result,  gaming has cultivated a bad name for itself. Many false perceptions were given birth because of irresponsible journalism. There was the popular notion of video games causing violent behavior in children. There also exists the opinion that “video games rot your brain”. Despite these notions, the video game is a multi-million dollar industry. It is no longer just a casual past time. People can (and do) earn a living, playing video games online. They do this by streaming gameplay, taking part in tournaments and uploading playthroughs on YouTube. One can judge the immensity of some of these E-sport tournaments by the fact that multiple websites are dedicated to documenting E-sports (like lcs spring split)

If you are an avid video game player then you will be pleasantly surprised that playing video games also hold benefits:

Following are some benefits of gaming:

1.   Video Games Improve Brain Function

As mentioned before, the idea that video games are bad for you is very prevalent. This can be traced back to News Studios and irresponsible journalists sensationalizing the news to get more watch time. They spread the idea that games promoted violence in the children. However, any avid gamer can tell you that video games are not all about violence. Much like any other form of media, the world of video games is incredibly diverse.  Take Minecraft as an example. This video game is one of the most popular in the world. The Sims is another. Neither of these games has anything to do with violence.

Furthermore, studies have found that video games can aid in brain development. Real-Time Strategy (or RTS) games improve a child’s planning skills and cognitive abilities. Online multiplayer games improve communication abilities. For example games like FIFA where players have to talk in-game to strategize and plan to win matches. Certain games help improve hand to eye coordination as well.

Furthermore, incredible role-playing games like “Life is Strange” and “Until Dawn” are brilliant examples of how much nuance and thought goes into video game production. Hence, video games are a vast media of artistic expression and also encourage brain development. And they most certainly do not rot your brain.

2.   You Can Make a Living Playing Video Games

Gaming has now become a multi-million dollar industry. From huge gaming tournaments to online streaming and YouTube, thousands of people all across the globe earn from playing video games. It truly seems like a dream come true that you can make money playing video games. Some of the highest earners from YouTube are those that play games online. A good example is Pewdipie or Jackcepticeye-both of whom are multi-millionaires because of gaming.

E-sports is the term used for professional video game players. E-sports events take place all across the globe from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Games like League of Legends that were released years ago still attract a lot of revenue during E-sports events. One of the best examples of this is Kyle Giersdorf, who won millions in one Fortnite Tournament.

3.   Video Gamers are a Wholesome Community

Video games can bring people together and have done so worldwide. If you bought into what mainstream media was telling you, the subheading would be a bit confusing. The common perception of the video gamer that we get through movies and cartoons is stereotypical. It tends to be the unhealthy anti-social nerd with pimples who is also morbidly obese. This could not be further from the truth.

The video gaming community is one of the most wholesome communities on the planet. We all know about that time where a boy’s life was saved by an online friend. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Ever since the first video games came out people have been playing them and bonding over their experiences whilst playing them. In this video games are no different from books and movies because they can bring people together.

Video gamers have a large online presence and every different video game has a different fan club associated with it. There are thousands of forums online where people from different cultures across the globe can talk about the games they love. Whether the games are multiplayer or not, they still provide a way for people to bond.

4.   You Can Learn About the World Through Video Games

Video games, like any other piece of media, also provide a way for an individual to learn about the world. This does sound a bit strange. After all, how could someone learn something through a senseless video game? Well, that is the point. Video games, like any other mode of expression, are more than just pushing buttons to see massive explosions.

To reiterate the point previously made in this article, there is a vast genre of video games. Just like there are genres of books. All these different games provide a person to enter a world made by people of diverse backgrounds. For example, Japanese games like Legends of Zelda or Final Fantasy are a huge hit in the west. The artwork and culture of the makers of the games are shown in these games. This cross-cultural exposure has allowed those in the west to understand Japanese culture. The same things happen in the east when a western game becomes popular.

Video games are an interactive and fun way for people to learn about the world. The more interactive the media is, the more are the chances for the person to remember the concepts behind the art.

Video games have surpassed the movies in that regard. So if you decide to pick up a video game next time you are in a store or on your XBOX, keep that in mind. Not only will you be having a fun and enjoyable time but you will also be learning more about those that created the game itself.


Video games are a good way to work your brain and increase cognitive ability. They also provide a good way of learning about the world around you and the people that are in it. If you love videogames you can also build a career around it. There are many such examples of people who have a made living out of playing video games. And certainly, it will most certainly not rot your brain!

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