Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy 

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Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy to Know Cancellation Charges or Fee

It breaks my heart that my honeymoon has been canceled as my wife and I planned the entire trip. We have known each other since high school and dated for eight years in a row and got married in December 2019. My wife wanted to explore Paris so she chanted it so much. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the most awaited trip we had planned and make reservations with Turkish Airlines. The fear of Coronavirus had forced people to avoid travel as there is no cure as well yet. The fear has been intensified after the global alert imposed by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

Though they say people can travel it is also said that one must avoid going to the densely populated areas in order to avoid the contact of the virus. I had to cancel the reservations made but I was unaware of the procedure as well as the Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy for which I went to the official website of the airline. I promised my wife to take her in some time to Paris but for now, we had to postpone it.

Rules of Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy:

  • There are none means of getting a refund on dropping Turkish Airlines reservations instated by the travelers.
  • 40% of the booking amount will be assembled by the airline from the customer having the reservation with Turkish Airlines if the traveler is eliminating Turkish Airlines reservations between 1 to 12 hours then approx. Separate from the described percentage value of the booking, the cancellation charge will also be decreased and then the remaining amount will be credited.
  • 20% of the ticket cost will be taken by the airline adjacent to the cancellation price and the outstanding value will be transferred to the account of the passenger if the passengers are canceling their bookings before 12 hours of the departure of the flight.
  • The cancellation fee is defined by several circumstances like take-off point, time of flight, kind of transportation and many more.
  • If twenty percent (20%) of the cost of the booking is not taken by the airline then the possibilities are that the cancellation charge may be diminished. The amount which is more leading will be taken away from the remaining amount and then the refund will be credited.
  • Please remark that the 24 hours policy is not operating at Turkish Airlines like the rest of the airlines.
  • There are no chances of a refund in case the cancellation is executed for the bookings made with P, F, W, V, and U ticket class.
  • A TRY 200 cancellation fee is applied on the bookings of B, S, A, H, M types excluding the reservation fee.
  • The TRY 200 cancellation fee is applied to the customers that are canceling the reservations prior to 1 to 12 hours of the take-off of the flight. This price will not cover the booking price but just for the travelers who are having a Business Fly ticket.
  • In case the customer is canceling the reservation prior to 12 hours or beyond 12 hours of the take-off of the plane then a TRY 300 cancellation value is decreased from the return value. This price will exclude the reservation price but only for the customers who are having a Business Fly ticket.

How to cancel the Turkish Airlines ticket? 

For the passengers who understood the aforementioned Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy but do not know the cancellation method then they can execute the cancellation with the moves explained below. The passengers who make the booking of the tickets with the guidance of any travel company must contact the same agency or company to make the cancellation as well. Execute the steps that are mentioned below only for the passengers who have made the bookings of the tickets on the official website of Turkish Airlines:

  • Switch on the system and then ensure you have access to an internet attachment to accomplish the method.
  • Now proceed to the search bar of Google on your computer or laptop and then type Lufthansa Airlines in the space provided and hit the enter button to continue further.
  • Select on the official website of Lufthansa Airlines to open it
  • Go to the homepage of the official site and then look for the tabs that say “My Booking” or “My Trip” and then select on it.
  • Once you are able to observe the record of reservations on the screen, you have to make a preference for the reservations that you wish to cancel.
  • Now enter the booking ID in the assigned area. (Ensure to enter the correct booking ID)
  • Also, enter the last title (last name) of the customer in the assigned field.
  • Hit on the Cancel tab to proceed further.
  • The traveler will obtain an email or an SMS concerning the cancellation performed on the recorded email ID and the registered mobile number.
  • The refund will be credited to the identical account by which the booking was made. The refund will be initiated only after the subtraction of the cancellation value (if any).

I am glad that Delta Airlines has been providing full flexibility to the passengers who are cancelling their reservations due to the fear of Coronavirus and especially traveling to mainland China and Asian countries. In case you are also terrified of the virus and wish to cancel your Delta reservations then contact the airline for the same.

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