Can You Rely on The Computerized Kundali Completely or Not?

How reliable is online Janam Kundali

As per Hindu mythology, the Kundali is a historical/astrological birth chart formed through the process of analysis and research about the celestial bodies as per the birthplace/date & time of a particular person. Janam Kundali is the document that helps in making the predictions about the decision making, love relationships, state of the behavior, personality traits, Hurdles faced in career/ job, etc. Expert and seasoned professionals are adept at making this natal chart or Janam Kundali predictions through careful analysis. As per astrology, Janam Kundali is the pictorial representation of the placement of various celestial bodies like the Moon, Sun, sensitive stars & various planets at the time of a specific event like the birth of the person. Janam Kundali is prepared by an expert & professional astrologer only.

Difference between Handmade Kundli and Software Designed Kundli

Online vs Handmade Janam Kundali

The software generated online Kundli is generated as per the specific application, software, or a website. While computing the same, Zodiac sign along with the birth time & date. It’s very important to know the basic difference between the hand made and software-generated online Janam Kundli as this will determine what can be the best Kundali making method.

1) Online Janam Kundli is calculated through the computer, and particular websites & applications are used for this whereas Handmade Kundli is computed manually based on the zodiac signs.

2) On the technical terms, the online Janam Kundli or birth chart is formed through a properly calculated algorithm on a specific system as per the particular computer application whereas an astrologer prepares the handmade Kundli with as per his/her whims & fancies and it may be biased as well.

3) The online Kundali predictions are always authentic and accurate and can always be trusted as these are prepared by a carefully constructed software which considers all aspects. Even the renowned Jyotishis, Predictors, Astrologers, etc. appreciate the same and use this Janam Kundli software. However, the handmade Kundlis may or may not reveal the accurate detail & description of the horoscope because it may be biased as well.

4) The online Janam Kundli software which is used to generate this automated kundali is mostly regulated and managed by the expert technicians. Detailed nuances are taken care of, and a lot of groundwork is done. While, the personalized handmade kundalis are made by humans, and there are various possibilities of errors in terms of astrological and natal chart aspects. Also, the position of celestial bodies and planetary effects on human lives may not be accurately determined. Even the angles at the time of the birth cannot be determined accurately, with a handmade Kundli.

5) The services of experienced and adept astrologers are being used while generating online Janam Kundli through software. They take care of the birth chart information inputs and place required logistics for good Janam Kundali matching analysis. This improves the accuracy of the online Janam Kundali and life prediction made by the date of birth. Handmade Kundli on the other side is dependent on the thought process of the astrologer, and the astrology predictions may be varied.

6) The Janam Kundli generated by the software is a very comprehensive one and provide a detailed solution to the queries and concerns. The handwritten Kundli, on the other hand, maybe helpful but not to a great extent as there is a lot of detail that can be missed. It all depends on the expertise and knowledge of the astrologer.

7) With the help of technology, it is possible to get the answers to the multiple queries by an expert astrologer. All that an online astrologer will need is your online Kundali and your queries, to share the resolution and answers, even if you are sitting far at a distant place. With the handmade Kundli, you will have to visit the astrologer personally, and it will be taxing on your time, convenience & schedule. Also, it may not be a guaranteed way to get the solution to all your queries as the astrologer may not be an expert and experienced one. The online astrologers, on the other hand, are cherry-picked by the websites, and they are adept at telling the horoscope matching and Janam Kundli or natal chart predictions.

8) Over the period of time with increased technological advancements and knowledge base, comprehensive and accurate Janam Kundali software’s have been developed which are robust, and one-stop-shop for all queries whereas handmade Kundlis are still dependent on the wisdom of that particular astrologer and hence cannot be trusted completely.

There has been a lot of debate over how accurate are online Kundalis? But now you know that online birth chart or Kundali is generated through trusted Kundli making software and are developed through a lot of groundwork, programming, and a lot of testing.


Technology has played a pivotal role in redesigning the process of making Janam Kundali predictions and analysis, and things are much quicker and easier now with online Janam kundali software. However, the significance of professional astrologer can never be underestimated.

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