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A pilgrimage is something that is given paramount importance in nearly every faith. Visiting and seeing with our own eyes the locations where monumental events occurred in the history of our faith is something that each and every believer needs to experience. Islam is no different, and with Umrah packages, each Muslim can travel to Makkah and experience faith like never before.

The Islamic pilgrimage comes in two forms, Hajj and Umrah. Hajj is given the highest priority, and is considered to be one of the vital pillars of Islam. Performing Hajj is something that each Muslim must do at least once in his or her life, given that he or she has the means to.

It is the journey to the House of Allah, and to the Holy city of Medina, to worship Allah like never before. The journey can be incredibly challenging, and some of the rites can be physically tasking, and therefore performing Hajj can bring immense rewards upon the pilgrim.

Umrah is considered a lesser pilgrimage, and therefore it isn’t compulsory. However, performing even Umrah means completing most of the rituals of Hajj, and Umrah can be a way for Muslims to cleanse their souls of their past sins. Praying at the very mosque built by Adam (AS) and his sons, can lead to Allah forgiving our sins and granting our wishes.

There are several rites that one must perform while performing Umrah. One such rite is wearing the Ihram. The Ihram doesn’t just signify purity as we let go of all worldly shrouds, but it also expresses a state of solidarity with the Muslim Ummah as every pilgrim is dressed in the same way.

In addition to this, many of the rituals performed are the same as the ones that pilgrims perform during Hajj. Those performing Umrah must run along the hills of Safa and Marwah, as they perform Sa’i, and it includes performing Tawaf as well.  While the Hajj is considerably longer and has a more determined order, Umrah is much shorter and so it can be completed in a few hours.

Therefore, when one relative heads out for Umrah with an Umrah visa, he or she may perform an honorary Umrah for others as well.

Umrah gives us the opportunity to head to the holy sites of Makkah and Medina whenever we wish, and gives us a chance to right our wrongs and gain higher standing in the eyes of Allah. It also lets us make prayers for our loved ones in the Holiest Mosque in the world. However, just as we prepare for any journey, a journey to Haram Sharif requires ample preparation as well.

One of the first things that the pilgrims must do, way before the actual pilgrimage is picking out suitable December umrah packages. Packages can be chosen based on our budget, and how easy we want to make it for us. The pricier December umrah packagescan have us situated very close to the holy sites, to minimize travelling time and effort.

Pilgrims can have immense ease due to the umrah packages, which can give them timely Umrah visas, and can make the whole process much smoother. To make the most of our experience, it is advised to book with an agency that is experienced and knowledgeable, so that our Umrah can be stress free and devoted to only worship.

Performing Umrah, Made Easier:

Since the advent of Islam, Umrah and Hajj have been one of the salient and most important pillars of the faith. Each year, Muslims from all around the globe convene in Makkah and Medina to fulfill this duty to God. Whereas earlier on there was no specific method to performing this pilgrimage, nowadays many umrah packages, discussed below, exist which can help make the process of umrah much smoother.

Umrah differs from Hajj in terms of the importance, in that it is not compulsory, and can be undertaken at any time of the year, as opposed to Hajj, which is compulsory for every Muslim to perform at least once in his or her life, and can only be undertaken at a specific time. Despite not being compulsory, Umrah is highly recommended and many Muslims across the globe head to Makkah throughout the year to experience their faith where it was born.

Some Muslims even perform Umrah multiple times as it can be a great reawakening of faith to head to the very places where Islam originated. Seeing the Kaabah, the Holy Mosque and every other landmark that each Muslim child grows up hearing about can be an ethereal experience, and so it isn’t hard to imagine why so many people head for Umrah.

However, in recent years the process of the Umrah has evolved greatly as well. Umrah packages now exist to make sure that the journey is incredibly smooth and can be completed in good time. These packages can come in all budgets, so that performing the pilgrimage is easy for every Muslim.

Umrah packages generally include things such as hotel stay, acquisition of visa, transport, and some umrah packages can include food as well. All in all, it isn’t hard to see how a package can help us expedite the pilgrimage and to have a safe and smooth umrah.

With a good umrah package, we can be guided around the main locations, and can thus find it easier to navigate around the cities. The umrah packages come in a great range of durations and can offer meet and assist services as well, so we can have a customized package for our requirements.

One of the most popular times for Umrah is in the winter months, as the temperatures can be much more bearable for the elderly and younger kids. Therefore, December umrah packagescan be ideal for those travelling with elderly relatives or kids.

The more expensive December umrah packagesoffer an exceptional experience, with pilgrims staying in hotels near to the main landmarks, such as Haram Makkah and Haram Medina. In addition to this, most umrah packages come with guides and these can be extremely helpful especially for the elderly, who can need assistance to get around.

All in all, the fairly recent provision of umrah packages means that performing Umrah is not just easier and smoother, but Umrah can be much more accessible for people with smaller budgets as well.

Many Muslims can find themselves unable to perform Hajj for any reason, and for them Umrah can be a great opportunity to atone for their sins and visit the Holy sites where their beloved religion originated. With hands on information from local guides from your tour company, pilgrims can have the best and most enlightening Umrah experience.

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