Will Narendra Modi become the PM Again in the 2019 Elections?

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PM Modi Government Again 2019 – If yes, why?

There are numerous theories to indicate that Modi will prevail . Additionally, there are history to indicate that BJP may not recover power.


Narendra Modi confronted and defied challenges and he’s at his best when the challenge is powerful. Even during his period as CM he faced challenges and tension after 2002 riots and each time he came out successful regardless of enormous challenges mounted against him.

  1. Ahead of 2014 there were many articles indicating that Modi will fall short of majority. Also due to geographical constraints, lack of allies and beyond precedent will guarantee Modi falling short of majority. But he came out powerful surmounting all odds.
  2. The severance of alliance with Shiv Sena earlier 2014 was believed to be Modi’s waterloo in Maharashtra. But BJP became the biggest party short by ten chairs.
  3. The press was agog that anti-incumbency won’t enable BJP to win in Gujarat, that also 20 years in office will by no means allow BJP to get reelected.
  4. News has been floating that BJP can’t win against strong regional parties. However, BJP won against SP and BSP the most powerful regional celebrations of UP, that too convincingly with four fifth bulk.
  5. It was believed that BJP can’t expand in unconventional locations or in areas where minorities are in majority. It’s ready to conquer Assam.
  6. The argument is that Modi hasn’t failed in these crux situation and he won’t fail in 2019 also.

Economic growth alone won’t produce victories. P.V. Narasimha Rao and A.B.Vajpayee neglected to receive a mandate in 1996 and 2004 respectively, though they gave overflowing treasury. Hence economic growth alone won’t decide the election.

  • Vajpayee failed Hindutva and Ram Janmabhoomi and went for India Shining that didn’t appeal to the grassroots workers.
  • People are enamored by their individuality, economic policies harmonised with religious values and the philosophy of national security. People in India is very nationalistic.
  • People Aren’t motivated by Unemployment, but with Hindutva. The sentiments of Gau Raksha can have overbearing expertise in India but economic slowdown will pass of as can be adjusted for the future.
  • Between secularism and Hindutva, 83 percent Indians in general favor Hindutva rather than the English word secularism. Hindutva appeals to individuals as empowerment.
  • Modi is supplying these and individuals are also fascinated by them.

Every survey provides Modi’s approval ratings over 70%. Every survey also is giving NDA bulk, with BJP as the biggest or with majority. Hence BJP will find the first call and using its tools it is in a position to form the government even when it falls short by couple of chairs.

In 2014 BJP at 207 constituencies BJP won procuring a margin of over 1 lakh votes. It’s quite tricky to defeat BJP in these chairs. To defeat BJP in those chairs there should be a swing of over 10% that’s impossible. This is possible only if there is enormous public anger against the Government. Since there’s absolutely no such thing it’s impossible.

Mahagathbandhan is the creation of an alliance of a set of weaklings that cannot face Modi. There’s absolutely not any history where strong character was defeated by a set of weak parties. Hence mahagathbandhan cannot defeat Modi.

Consider the situation at any angle. You may land with Modi forming government. Modi is certain to be PM once more and form government.

Though I would like to see Mr. Modi getting PM again, it would be really tricky. The Reason I believe so are:

  • The majority of the central government workers may not vote .
  • The majority of the retailers and traders may not vote .
  • The majority of the individuals doing business in real estate and gold won’t vote him. He demonetized the money.
  • The majority of the farmers won’t vote him. He didn’t do the loan waiver.
  • The majority of the upper cast won’t vote him. Because he’s not removing reservation.
  • The majority of the lower cast won’t vote him. Since they think he will get rid of the reservation.
  • The majority of the right wing Hindus won’t vote him. Because they think he isn’t doing anything for Ram Mandir.
  • The majority of the Muslims won’t vote him. Because they still do not believe him.
  • The majority of the poor still feel that his administration is of”sut – boot vali sarka

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