How Much is Kaffarah for Breaking Fast?



kaffarah for Breaking Fast Hanafi

With the commencement of Ramadan 2019, Muslims around the globe are observing fasts with dedication. However, one question that has created a lot of uncertainty and is on everyone’s mind is: how much is the Kaffarah for breaking a fast or deliberately missing it?

If you are also looking for the answer to this question, then read on.

However, before giving a detailed description of how much Kaffarah you have to pay, let’s first delve deep into what Kaffarah and Fidyah actually are since these terms are often confused with one another.


The compensation or in other words penalty that needs to be paid for either breaking a fast or missing a fast intentionally without a valid reason. A fast can be broken by eating, drinking, smoking, having sexual intercourse, as well as physically and verbally harming someone

As for what’s the penalty for those who break or miss a fast without any justification, it is said that one must free a slave. If that’s not possible, then one must fast for sixty consecutive days and observe a qadha fast for each missed or broken fast. If even that’s not possible due to adverse emotional and physical wellbeing, then one must feed sixty poor people for one day.

In terms of monetary value, the Kaffarah would be approximately 300 pounds for each broken or missed fast since 5 pounds is the average cost of a meal, and one needs to provide meals to sixty people.


The compensation that needs to be paid in circumstances when an individual misses Ramadan fasts because he or she is unable to fast for reasons such as being pregnant, physically or mentally terminally ill, or reliant on medication. Hence, he or she has to pay to feed someone else according to the number of fasts that were missed.

In terms of monetary value, the Fidyah would be approximately five pounds for each missed fast, and 150 pounds in case the individual misses all the fasts in Ramadan.

Whom Can You Pay?

While you can go ahead and pay any needy people you know, it is recommended that you donate the respective amount to a credible charity such as Syria Relief who will make sure that your religious duties are fulfiled by providing meals to underprivileged individuals. Donations can be made quite easily with just a click of a button through their website:

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