Shall You Remodel Your House Or It Is Time To Move? 

Shall You Remodel Your House Or It Is Time To Move

You have spent more than a decade in your current house. You are still fond of this place but you don’t feel that your house can address your current and future needs. So, shall you put up your house for sale or you can do something about it? 

Shall you hire one of the well-known residential architects for remodeling in Seattle? A good architect can renovate your space to exactly what you need. However, you have to make a choice and you have to consider the following factors for this. 

Do You Have A Strong Emotional Attachment?  

You have to listen to what your emotions have to say. Consider the relationship you have with your neighbors. What do you feel about the location? When your connections with your house and neighbors are strong, you should consider the renovation of your house. It is because of emotional attachment that 70% of homeowners hire architects for remodeling in Seattle. You can hire one of the best residential architects in Seattle to look for all the possibilities. 

Do You Have a Realistic Budget Planning?

When it comes to deciding whether to remodel and sell, realistic budget planning is critical. You have to budget accurately. Many homeowners don’t even know their exact requirements. They simply call an architect or a contractor and tell their budgets. They often change their wishes. Sometimes they want to use different materials. These changes often derail your budget planning. So, make sure that you have a plan. 

How Many Rooms Do You Need? 

Sometimes it is the need for more space that dictates the decision. If you need only one room, an architect can make one for you with a smarter layout. However, sometimes you don’t have enough square footage or one room is not enough. This is where an architect cannot help. You have to put up your house for sale and start looking for the next one.       

Will A Move Be Enough?  

Is there a serious problem with your house? Are you living with neighbors you cannot tolerate? Maybe, you cannot find a good school, college, hospital, etc in the area. Maybe, there is a cramped physical setting including your home and yard. Your family is growing, but the available space cannot meet your needs. Maybe, you cannot afford your current home. You might think that moving out is the only option. So, a downward move is necessary. 

How Much Time Will It Take To Renovate? 

Do you think that it takes a lot of time and energy to remodel your house? When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, this involves new countertops, appliances, cabinets, and floor. This might take from three to six months. When you need to address plumbing, wiring or ductwork as well, this might take more than that. A bathroom is remodeled in two or three months. It is likely to take one or two months when it comes to adding a room. It is not easy to live in a space that is being renovated. 

Will It Bring Back The Upfront Costs?  

Before you make the final decision, determine the return of investment both options will bring for you. Calculate the average return on investment buying a new house and renovation will give and then compare both. In most remodeling projects, 80% to 90% of the cost is recovered.   

Consider all the factors listed here to make the right decision.

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