Mixbook Photo Book: Audience Ratings and Reviews

Mixbook Photo Book Software

Mixbook.com uses the latest photo editing technology to produce custom photo books of unparalleled quality. The company has a wide variety of top-quality photo book prints for landscape, square, and rectangular designs. You are guaranteed to get the outstanding quality that can lead to ear-to-ear smiles because of your wedding invitations, thank you cards, birthday cards, and business calendars.

You can utilize the appealing editing options to create customized photo books you can proudly display at the waiting lounge of your business premise. Below are some outstanding reasons for selecting Mixbook.com for customizable photo books for your home decor and business needs.

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Mixbook Uses an Intuitive Photo Book Software That Is Easy to Understand

Tech-Savvy or computer illiterates can use the scrapbooking editor with ease. It uses a straightforward interface with the uploading, editing, and printing feature embedded within site. Armatures and new users can easily navigate through the photo editor and create quality custom photo books.

The company avails a starter package with guidelines on the essential editing tools you need to know. Besides, if you still encounter difficulties navigating through the guidelines, you can contact the support team through the live chat feature embedded within the editing tool.

Elegant Ready-Made Layouts for Your Custom Photo Books

The Mixbook site consists of impeccable design themes that can transform your digital photos into works of art. You only need to explore the various themes for different events and select the best design for your project. Then drag and drop your desired digital photo into the editor, and further fine-tune it with the cropping, zoom, and rotation feature to have your photo in the right location.

Flexibility in Design for Vast Custom Photo Books

Mixbook gives you flexibility between customizing the inbuilt designs and designing your layout from scratch. The digital scrapbooking software enables you to create personalized photo books and projects. However, if you find that the available designs do not meet your needs, the photo book editor allows you to upload your design and get creative rights for it.

Print Quality That’s True to The Source Files

Mixbook’s digital scrapbooking software accepts high-resolution photos. These quality photos guarantee that the final print photos do not look blurry or grainy. However, if you find that the quality of the shipped custom photo books does not match the quality of the online copy, Mixbook offers you a money-back guarantee for your order.

Variety of Covers, Binding Options, and High-Quality Paper Choices

Mixbook offers you a wide range of attractive and durable covers for custom photo books. The papers inside these long-lasting covers consist of durable, high-quality papers that can withstand years of handling.

Flexible Upload Options That Improve Convenience

The Mixbook photo editor can receive photos from different sources. You can upload photos from a Flickr or Google account from your phone or computer. You can also link your Mixbook account to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SmugMug and upload your digital photos at your own convenient time. Mixbook allows you to access your photo and create multiple projects for as long as you want.

Mixbook.com Avails Top-notch Professional Customer Service

Mixbook provides top-class customer service. The company avails designer professionals that coach customers to create high-quality products. The digital photo tool is embedded with a live chat feature as well as a FAQ page to enhance communication. Users can also access technical support from the company support representatives through the email address feature.

Create a free account with Mixbook to access high-quality custom photo books services and fast delivery of prints that depict the resolution and colors of the source files.

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