A.J. Fernandez Last Call (The First Installment in the Portfolio Series) – Review

A.J. Fernandez Last Call

This cigar is the first installment in the Portfolio Series by A.J. Fernandez Cigars. It is the product of years A.J. Fernandez has spent on personal and experimental blends. In fact, it started out as his person blend to share with his guests while watching Football at his house. It used to be the evening’s last smoke for A.J. Fernandez and that’s how it got its name. 

As the cigar is by one of the major players in the industry, we are expected to presume that this is going to be an excellent cigar. Still, let’s see what this unique blend brings to the table. 

Blend Profile 

This blend features A.J. Frenandez’s farms-grown Nicaraguan tobacco and it is made at Tabacalera Fernandez factory, Esteli, Nicaragua. Originated in Nicaragua, A.J. Fernandez Last Call comes with Ecuador Habano Rosado wrapper, Nicaragua binder, and Nicaragua filler. The cigar comes in a 4 ½ X 48 Rothschild size. 


The medium brown Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper bears some colorado red. The wrapper also features a light oil coating. The wrapper seams are hidden and some veins are visible. A pale yellow circular field bears “Last Call” in a bright red semi-cursive font. The upper portion of a bright red ring surrounding the circular field reads “Premium Aged Tobacco”. The lower part reads “BY AJ FERNANDEZ”. The A.J. Fernandez Last Call also features a larger AJF logo. 

Preparation For The Best Experience 

Go for straight cut prior to lighting up the cigar. The pre-light draw phase begins once you have successfully removed the cap. The dry draw lets you draw satisfaction from a mix of cedar, nut and some mint and floral notes. Some smokers like dry draw phase and some find pre-light draw more satisfactory. 

Flavor Profile 

The cigar started out with natural tobacco, cedar, red pepper and floral notes. The cedar and natural tobacco notes were primary early on and floral and red pepper notes were in the background. The presence of the red pepper was also on the retro-hale. 

The cedar and natural tobacco notes were alternated in the intensity throughout the first half. The degree of sweetness of the natural tobacco notes also varied during this stage. During the same stage, a nut flavor replaced the floral notes in the background.

The natural tobacco notes diminished and the red pepper notes increased in the second half. The nut and natural tobacco flavor was in the background and the cedar and red pepper was in the forefront during the final third. The nub was cool in temperature and firm to touch. 

Burn And Draw 

The burn did well. While smoking, there was some slight unevenness and jaggedness. When it came to the amount of touch-ups, the cigar did not require an excessive amount of touch-ups. The firm ash had a silver gray color. The A.J. Fernandez Last Call had ideal burn temperature and burn rate. Just like the burn, the draw also performed well. There was a positive, slight amount of resistance to the draw. From start to finish, the overall draw was excellent. 

Strength And Body 

The body and strength did not vary too much throughout the smoking experience. The body and strength balanced without overshadowing each other. 


Draw  Excellent 
Burn  Excellent 
Body  Medium to Full 
Strength  Medium to Full 
Complexity  Medium 
Finish  Excellent


The cigar delivered a very satisfying smoking experience. It also aged very well and got better over time. So, whether you are a beginner cigar enthusiast or an experienced one, this is an excellent, value-priced cigar for you. 


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