5 Situations Where Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy is Helpful

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Importance of Two Wheeler Insurance | Two-Wheeler Insurance Benefits

A bike is the most preferred choice of vehicle in India. It allows you to zip through narrow lanes and is pocket-friendly with its unparalleled fuel efficiency. However, getting to a destination on your two-wheelers involves higher risks than any other mode of transportation. The damages incurred by a rider when a bike gets into an accident is much severe as it is an open, light-weight vehicle. So, it becomes necessary to get your two-wheeler insured to stay prepared for any unplanned event. Various insurance companies offer different bike insurances at different two wheeler insurance rates. Compare amongst the best ones and buy a bike insurance plan. You don’t have to stress about any sudden financial crisis if you have valid insurance for your bike.

Here are some situations where your bike insurance policy comes in handy:

  1. Coverage against Third-Party Claims

When you buy bike insurance, you are financially protecting yourself against third-party liabilities. Third-Party liability may arise in case of an injury to any third-party person or damage to third-party property. At certain times, compensation costs to the third party can be unaffordable. With bike insurance, your insurer will pay for the compensation. Any legal liabilities which may arise due to an unfortunate event will be taken care of by your insurer. Thoroughly check different two wheeler insurance rates before you get one.

  1. Protection for Own Accidental damage

Third-party liability policies do not cover the cost of repairing damages caused to your bike. A comprehensive insurance policy for your motorcycle covers this cost. Your insurance partner covers any damage to your bike. A comprehensive bike insurance policy also offers coverage for theft, fire, natural calamities, and much more. It can be troublesome to choose one insurance plan when there are so many available online. For the same, always check for two wheeler insurance rates offered by different insurance companies to compare and decide the right plan for you.

  1. Traffic Authority Inspections (No penalties)

Buying an insurance policy is as essential as wearing a helmet. The only difference is that the helmet provides physical protection, whereas a bike insurance plan protects you financially. According to the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, it is a compulsion to carry a physical copy of your insurance, says this source. If caught without valid insurance, enforcement agencies can charge a fine or you could face imprisonment upto three months or both. When you have an insurance plan and its copy while riding, you don’t need to worry about any penalty or imprisonment. Carefully analyze all two wheeler insurance rates offered to you by different companies before purchasing one. Safeguard yourself and your vehicle with bike insurance and keep your peace of mind.

  1. Renewal Discounts- No Claim Benefit

Purchasing a bike insurance policy is not as financially draining as many think. You don’t pay the full premium amount each time you renew the policy. If you are a cautious rider and don’t claim your policy plan, you receive massive discounts. The No Claim Bonus will begin with the first renewal of bike insurance. So, don’t wait, look for various two wheeler insurance rates that are available online and choose the best plan today.

  1. Roadside assistance (add-ons of extra benefits, select)

Separate from standard coverages, you can choose various add-ons to your bike insurance to increase its scope. Consider add-ons like Pillion Rider, Zero-depreciation, NCB Protect, Roadside Assistance. Say you run out of fuel and have to drag your bike to the nearest petrol pump. Or, if you get a flat tire and have to look for a mechanic in a remote place, leaving you frustrated. You can avoid all this and make use of the benefits a bike insurance has to provide. When you consider getting a bike insurance policy, make sure you check the offered two wheeler insurance rate first. This way, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible deal.

Get Insured, Stay Safe

Insurers make it very convenient for vehicle owners to purchase an insurance policy for their bikes. Enjoy your daily rides and keep your peace of mind with a bike insurance plan. Many insurance companies have attractive deals and offers for the same. Purchase your insurance from trusted and reputable names like Tata AIG General Insurance. Whenever you consider getting insurance for your vehicle, always compare different two wheeler insurance rates available online.

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