Emergency Funds: Tips For Building Your Savings For a Rainy Day

Emergency Funds

One thing that we need to realize is that life is very unpredictable. Even if you have felt like you have already covered all the bases when it comes to your finances, it will not quite fall into place. Life will tend to have surprises (kind of like this COVID-19 pandemic) that will catch you unaware.

Who would have thought your regular job will be heavily affected by anything as it seemed to be a secure situation.

However, this goes to show that emergency funds are quite needed in this circumstance and we are able to show you some tips that cover aspects like investing your money into something like Forex Trading or simply establishing a budget system that you need to follow.

Build your wealth

Not a lot of people take so much time in talking about savings or planning for their future as it is something that most people will deem boring. If you however, have been struggling with your finances, it might be a good sign for you to start working on this.

Not only is building wealth something that you will want to have to eventually purchase things that you have always wanted but at the same time secure yourself in terms of protecting your family and loved ones by being able to provide. If you do not have any plans of having a family soon, saving yourself some money for your future retirement can also work.

Setting aside extras or bonuses

Everyone will always have the tendency to prepare and spend their unforeseen or extra money on treats or unnecessary things. Somebody receiving an overlooked work bonus will already equate anybody to go to the nearest shopping mall and immediately spend it.

As much as it is great to have these extra cash for spending, maybe trying to save at least half of the extra money or put off spending for the cash as it could be used for later or even emergencies instead of buying yourself some shirt that could have been saved or put to better use!

Always stick to your budget

Any good person with a very good financial status will tell you to build and make your savings. Making sure that you have a budget set that will enable you to spend only a certain amount of your earnings and set aside the spare money in your bank account.

Despite the feeling that most of the time it would seem like your money is most likely already pre-planned and arranged for your regular expenses, it might come to your attention that you have overlooked the fact that you are unable to maintain a budget.

Many people immediately spend their money on clothes, eating out in restaurants and have excessive grocery runs that leads you to these circumstances where you are unable to save any amount of your hard earned money. Having a budget will decrease this possibility of the pattern from happening every payday without majorly affecting your daily life.


Whether it’s your significant other or your parents, they would always remind you to save your money for emergencies and I believe you have already heard this quite a few times. But some would barely get advice on investing your money in something like Forex Trading.

Which is a better way of not only saving your hard earned money but at the same time increase the possibility of it to grow exponentially compared to just having it sit in your bank account. Expenses will always increase overtime but that does not mean that your savings should not! Investing your money in stocks or any form of financial market may become a great way for you to be able to save up on your emergency fund!

Direct Debits

One of the biggest problems in saving for your emergency funds is we are unable to consistently do this every time we get our salary. As much as you plan to do this every month so that you may have extra cash for unforeseen circumstances, chances are you are unable to do this given that you have relied on manually transferring your money from one account to another or from your checking account towards your savings.

It’s always tempting whenever you are doing this and more often than not you are eventually led to touching your savings. Having an automatic payment set up for the transfer is a great way for you to not be heavily influenced in the possibility of touching your savings.

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