4 Important things you should know about Bitcoins

Bitcoin Trading

Have you heard about the concept of bitcoin? Well, it is the digital currency and it means it exists electronically. Bitcoin, capitalised, denotes network or software whereas bitcoin that is not capitalised, denotes digital currency itself. The pricing of bitcoins fluctuates and it relies on what people were willing to pay for it.  

1 Concept by a nameless Person 

 If you are going to get started with Bitcoin Trading then you should know about this concept well. You know,  this idea of Bitcoin was carved by Satoshi Nakamoto who is a nameless figure.  In the year May 2008, he came up with a white paper about Bitcoin. Without revealing who he really was, Satoshi drew how this currency is going to work.

Bitcoin is absolutely special

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer type of currency and it works on a system that enables you to receive and send bitcoins in the absence of a third party.  Such a thing makes it nearly special. To simplify it, fiat currencies are the ones that depend on third parties like banks or that of payment processors such as Visa to confirm transaction.  

But talking about bitcoin transactions, these are recorded in a public record known as the bitcoin blockchain. This info is permanent and publicly available on Blockchain. The data cannot be edited or deleted. It means the transaction records work as evidence of transaction.  Bitcoin is even programmed to be non-duplicable. In simple words double spending is highly unlikely.

Decentralised Currency 

Bitcoin is even taken as a decentralised currency. It is for the reason that in no one government, group or person holds authority over it.  This makes bitcoin spendable or usable in any corner of the world as long as receiver accepts bitcoins as the option of payment. These decentralised currencies are a separate concept. It is quite similar to the internet.  It is free from topographical boundaries and this is the reason bitcoin is even known as ‘the currency of the internet’’.

Since there are lack of regulations and control, manifold of countries are understandably cautious of bitcoin. But some progressive countries such as Japan have begun to recognise it as currency. It has officially recognized bitcoin and the other digital currencies as their legal money with effect from 1st April 2017 via proper regulation.

How to send and Receive?

Bitcoin wallets are easily available with bitcoin addresses. These are the addresses that signify a destination, just like an email address. Bitcoin addresses are alphanumeric and these are between the ranges of 27 to 34 characters in the length. There are diverse kinds of bitcoins service providers who have user-friendly type of user interface. This interface enables the users to produce bitcoin addresses and send and receive bitcoins. 

To send bitcoins, the users simply need to make sure that they have positive balance in the bitcoin wallets. Then insert receiver’s bitcoin address and then tap the send button. There is a small miner’s cost to precede the transaction. The miner’s fees are given away as a prize and as an incentive to Bitcoin miners for upholding equipment.  Speaking of their duration, these bitcoin transactions usually take less than one hour to reach. But it might take shorter or longer relying on the amount of the cost and the bitcoin service provider.


So, since you know much about this bitcoin arena, you must try trading!

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