Understanding DUI/DWI Offense and Defense Lawyer for Legal Help

Understanding DUI/DWI Offense and Defense Lawyer for Legal Help

Intentionally or unintentionally, sometimes we break safety rules imposed by the government and land in legal troubles. Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant comes in the category of a criminal offense. Along with own life and vehicle, a driver also endangers the lives of others who are driving or walking across the road. Both DUI (Driving under influence) or DWI (Driving while intoxicated) offenses are punishable for up to 6 months in the jail. Consumption of drugs is already a punishable offense but alcohol consumption beyond a certain level while driving also lands you in jail. A cop can convict you if the blood alcohol content ranges from 0.05 to 0.08%. Over 1.5 million people are arrested every year in the USA under DUI and DWI conviction charges. If you are also among one of them and looking for legal help, it is advisable to find a specialized lawyer having experience of dealing with similar cases. Go with the option of a law firm where the lawyer for every civil and criminal offense is available with credibility assurance. Scroll down to know more about them.

What You Look While Hiring a DUI/DWI lawyer?

Along with personal defense, you also need to pay attention to your vehicle. While finding a DUI lawyer, make sure that he/she has a valid “Juris Doctorate” degree and a qualified BAR exam of the state where your case is proceeding. Along with a bachelor’s degree and BAR certification, prior experience in handling similar cases is also necessary. During the consultation session, make sure that he/she is capable of explaining to you the charges in understandable language and make a strong strategy in defense. Always remember that DUI or DWI is a criminal offense. Taking it lightly may result in spending a few weeks in prison. Therefore, hire a skillful DUI defense lawyer who can represent your case in an influential way.

Problems that You may Face Under DUI/DW Offense


The average imprisonment period for driving under the influence of intoxicants is 6 months but it doesn’t mean that it is the final settlement. Depending on the level of intoxication, the punishment may increase or decrease. If you are convicted for the consumption of banned drugs, injured or killed someone while driving recklessly, the imprisonment duration can increase to several years.


If the court is not satisfied with just a jail sentence, they can also impose a heavy fine. The fine along with imprisonment can range from USD 500 to USD 2000. A DWI lawyer in Austin can help in reducing the fine as well as the jail sentence as low as possible.

3.Driving license suspension

Driving license suspension is also possible if you found guilty for driving under the influence of intoxicants. According to the state motor vehicle rules, the suspension period can be of a few weeks to months. The chances of suspension increase if you are not cooperating for blood, urine or breath test.

4.Other punishment

Apart from a jail sentence, license suspension, and fine imposition, the court has also the right to give you alternate punishments. This may include consultation sessions, rehabilitation center recommendation or community services.


DUI/DWI offense by minors

The drink and drive cases of minors are increasing rapidly nowadays, therefore, the government has already imposed strict laws for minors. The average drinking age limit is a minimum of 21 years in most of the states. The court considers underage drinking as a criminal offense and may give punishment accordingly. The license suspension period can also increase to one year.

After reading this information, it is clear that DUI and DWI charges are strictly imposed on both adults and minors. Therefore, find DWI lawyers in Austin TX who have already handled such kinds of cases successfully.



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