Why having ghee is a healthy habit?


Ghee is mainly made from milk which contains A2 beta case protein. This is specifically known as A2 ghee. There are some native Indian cows breeds which have A2 beta case in their milk and that milk are used to make cow ghee. In fact, there are 40 certified breeds of indigenous cows among which only 3 to 4 breeds have good milk capacities. 

A2 cow ghee is specifically made from the milk of the Gir cows in India. It is made either by heating the butter or by using the ‘bilona’ process of curdling the milk and then hand churning it till the solids get separated from the milk. This bilona process can actually make the ghee more beneficial and healthier than butter or oil and it can be used as a cooking medium.

Here are some benefits of desi cow ghee:

 Glowing Skin and Cures Hair Fall

Ghee always works as a natural moisturiser and it can do wonder to the one who has dry skin. Both dry skin and chapped lips can be turned to smooth ones by applying only ghee on them. If one is suffering from skin rashes, dark circles around eyes or burns then applying ghee on them can be a miraculous solution. Indian ghee does act as a moisturiser to the skin.

Treats against Wounds and Burns

This ghee is considered to be the natural and old age treatment for burns. One can easily apply bilona ghee on burns and on swellings as well because it can cure that too. If one is suffering from skin inflammation then ghee is always recommended on it. In case one has dry skin this can work naturally on it and heals the burn and cures the wound fast.

Higher Heating Point

Ghee as claimed by a lot of dieticians can be very healthy as a cooking medium. This is especially when one is frying foods. It is because ghee has a high smoke point. Other cooking oil may generate toxic fumes when they are heated at a high temperature (which is necessary in cooking). But desi ghee does not have the same reaction.

Best Healthy Fat Source

Human body needs some regular fat consumption so that it can assist their nerves, brains and also skin health. Healthy fats can build the vital cell membranes and strengthen them. Pure ghee is thus very much needed to be consumed at a moderate amount for well being.

Lactose Intolerance

Even if one has lactose intolerance then also they can easily consume desi ghee. Ghee does not have milk solids and other impurities which other dairy products may have and so a casein intolerant person can easily digest it.

Reduces Body Inflammation

Ghee can be beneficial for those who have ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. It can also reduce body inflammation.

Apart from that ghee can also help one to reduce body weight and so one must include them in their diet plan. One can buy A2 ghee online and consume them on a daily basis.


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