Latest updates on health and safety tips

Latest updates on health and safety tips

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Practices for Safety & Health Programs

Being healthy and safe is what everyone is always trying to be.

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Also, keeping other people safe and healthy is our duty, right?

Being healthy and safe at home as well as a workplace is important. Many organizations such as health and safety executive, health and safety authority, the European agency for safety and health and safe work Australia are working to make the workplace more secure and safe. They have created many RULES and regulations which have to be followed by the business owners in order to make their workplace secure.

These rules not only help the business flourish but also keeps owners, workers, and customers safe.  So be safe and follow rules!

It’s not only the owner’s duty to make a workplace safe, but the workers can also contribute to making their workplace safer. Worker’s it’s your job too!

So folks, here I am going to mention some of the tips which can make your workplace safer.

Appropriate Clothes

Yes, protective clothing is the most essential thing required at work. Workers of different industries need different clothes that can protect them from getting harmed.

Depending on the nature of the job performed by workers, their clothes should be designed keeping those things in mind.

A person working with fire needs clothes that are fire retardant in case of a fire starts. Fire is scary so be extra conscious!

safety clothes

People working in the medical and chemical industry need gloves and clothes that can protect them from bacteria or hazardous chemicals.

Similar is the case for people working in the food packaging industry. Contamination of food boxes can occur so food boxes should be handled with care. Workers should wear gloves when putting food in custom food boxes.

Wholesale food boxes industry should keep equipment clean during the manufacture of custom food boxes or wholesale food boxes.

First aid training

In addition to the appropriate clothes, first aid training of workers is also very important.

This helps them to be safe in cases of emergencies.

They need to get proper training sessions with professionals.

first aid training

Owners need to get a workplace risk assessment done. This helps to get a good idea of what risks are associated with your workplace.

Also, they need employees that are first aid providers.  One such person is needed for a minimum of 50 people in the low-risk industry and a single first aid provider is needed for 25 people in a high-risk industry.

Signs for a safe workplace

My workers and owners another important thing for safety are the signs.

There are three types of signs used to keep the workplace safer. These are regulatory signs, hazard signs, and emergency information signs.

Regulatory signs include prohibition signs, mandatory signs, and restriction signs.

Hazard signs consist of danger signs and warning signs

Emergency information signs contain directions to facilities available in case of emergency. For example, exits and safety equipment.

It is important that the signs are placed properly so that injuries and accidents can be prevented.

Please follow those signs I say!

Preventing slipping and falls

To prevent slip and trip, certain things can be added to your workplace.

Firstly, adding a floor mat can prevent people from slipping due to slippery floors.  

Secondly, avoid spilling of fluids on the floor and clean as soon as fluid spills.

Also, try to keep your workplace clutter free. Scattered things can make people trip and fall leading to injury. A clean workplace is also what attract customers.

Some other safety measures

Do not stand on rolling chairs of your offices. This can easily make you fall and cause injury. If you need to reach for something placed at above then use a ladder.

Collisions of workers are common when turning through blind corners. This can be eliminated if convex mirrors are placed at such corners. This way the other person would be able to see who is coming and wait before the next person turns around.

Being careful at work is important for you is important for as well as your co-workers. Simple acts like not shutting the drawer properly can lead to injuries and falls. So do not do such things, by working people. Shut your drawers!

What workers can do

To be healthy, it is necessary for workers to eat breakfast before coming to work. This will keep them full of energy throughout the day.

Also, they should keep themselves hydrated throughout the day.

Plus, a good working environment and a good working relation with the co-workers can keep you happy and healthy at work.

Negativity at work can lead to serious mental health issues. Say no to bully!

The workers should also take regular breaks while doing the work.

Summing up

Not only does a safe workplace benefits workers but also owners.

This is because of the less the injuries, the less the sick leaves and the less the absenteeism. The expenditure on injury and worker’ compensation is also reduced.

So, keeping these things in mind provide your workers with the best environment so that you can maximize productivity. Be healthy and safe everyone!

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