Different types of Endoscopic Accessories

endoscopy working process

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Endoscope is an instrument used for detecting the condition of an organ or the inner parts of the body. It contains a needle that is pierced within the body to diagnose the problems.

All the problems cannot be diagnosed by performing x-rays. So, the doctor physically examines the condition by using a fine needle. The process is painful to the patient but the doctor uses such equipment that do not damage the surrounding tissues.

Endoscopy equipment and accessories

Along with endoscope many other instruments are used such as catheter, forceps, graspers, cameras, net, and display unit. The process of endoscopy is complex and the doctor should properly insert the needle into the organ and properly detect the symptoms so that they can perform surgeries or begin therapies. 

  • Graspers or forceps

The graspers or the forceps are used to extract the tumors that are grown inside the organ. They should be pulled or extracted carefully so that the surrounding tissues are not damaged. Also, they should be able to extract the organ completely. So, these endoscopy accessories usually have a smooth surface.

The inflation device is used for inflating and dilating the balloon that is used for extracting the stones. These devices are made of highly durable material.

They also contain visible pressure display system. The cleaning brush is used for cleaning the ports or the valves of the endoscope. The reputed manufacturers sell brushes that are soft and made of nylon bristles for cleaning the operations. 

  • Cleaning brushes

These brushes can be cleaned any equipment efficiently because it contains thicker bristles. This brush is used for sterilizing the equipments. They are flexible and contain a sheath for pushibility. The set contains two brushes that can clean different equipments. 

  • Bite blocks

The bite blocks are used for protecting the patient during endoscopy. They protect the teeth of the patient during endoscopy. The patient should not perform any movements during this process and hence they help in keeping the mouth of the patient open throughout the endoscopy. These equipments are available with or without a strap. They are flexible and contain comfort-fit design and also contain ports at the sides. They are used for repositioning and accessing suctions.  The endoscopy accessories suppliers supply equipments that are significantly used for detecting the abnormalities.

  • Plastic biliary stents

The stents are used for treating the bile duct obstruction that is usually caused due to malignant tumors. The equipments are best sterilized before use and they prevent migration as they contain pigtail design. They also contain two radio plaque markers that provide fluoroscopic visualization.

They are a natural curve stent with many flaps that help is reducing stent migration and also help in effectively draining the blood or any extraction.  These equipments are usually fluoroscopic visible and consist of tapered tip and hence provide navigation to the ducal anatomy. The foreign forceps are used for extracting the polyps from the organ. 

Different types of grasping forceps are used that contain different jaw length and are used for removal of foreign body. They are available in various shapes such as hybrid, tooth or alligator and contain metallic tubes. These equipments contain wire designs so that the jaws can pivot. 

Different types of equipments and accessories are used for performing endoscopic operations so that any surgery is performed successfully.

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