Best 7 Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

7 Remedies to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Remedies to cure erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual issue faced by many a man in the world. The problem is not confined to any country or geography. Every man faces it at some stage in life.  The basic problem is inability of man to get and sustain the penis erection that is hard enough to enter a vagina for sexual intercourse. Elders and patient of any medical condition are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is the frequency of the erectile dysfunction that needs treatment.  Once a while, a failure to get erection can be result of anxiety or stress than anything else.

Many causes are listed as the underlying reasons for erectile dysfunction. Diabetics, heart problem, liver and kidney issues are some of the medical causes.  Depression, anxiety, stress, mood swings, general body fatigue, comes under the psychological category.

Fortunately, the wide options are available to men to overcome the defect during the time of sexual intercourse. Options range from medicationto traditional methods, Non-medical alternatives, use of herbs, and natural treatment.

Complete guidance is offered here to enable a man in need of treatment to pick up any method or treatment matching his lifestyle.

Remedies to cure erectile dysfunction

  1. ED DRUGS.

Drugs specially created for erectile dysfunction bring immediate erection after one hour of taking in.Viagra,Cialis,Levitra are oral medicines available easily in the market.  The function and result of these drugs are same. The difference is subtle, but the end result is same. Drugs take 30 to 45 minutes to give erection.  The impact lasts 3-4 hours in case of Viagra and 36 hours with Cialis. The most recommended dose of Cialis is generic Cialis 20mg

Function of ED DRUGS.

All aforementioned drugs are scientifically proven to cure erectile dysfunction.  They all have some minor side effects, but generally are proven safe for majority of male users.  Erectile dysfunction drugs enhance the nitric oxide in the body, which relaxes the blood vessels.  Relaxed blood vessels let blood flow into the penis, thus causing hard erection. The erection stays during the course of intercourse, giving complete satisfaction to both partners.However, the minor side effects such as a headache,nausea, blur vision,vomiting,dizziness,etc., may persist for few hours. Dosages are available from Viagra 50 mg,to 200 mg sildenafil citrate tablets. Dosages are slowly increased, if lighter dosages did not work.


Patients on medication for any medical ailment need to consult the doctor before using any of ED drugs.  An Overdose of the drugs can complicate the side-effects. Patients who underwent surgery in recent past need to take extra care before using of drugs.  Similarly, heart patients must not take ED medication without consultations with a surgeon. Young persons with erectile dysfunction should start with lowest dosages.The best course is consultations with a doctor before using any of these drugs.

  1. Vacuum pumps.

Vacuum pumps are used when drugs fail to bring the necessary hard enough erection for intercourse. The pumps are generally for elders and patients who cannot take or do not want to use medication for erection. The pump is basically a vacuum tube with a pump to suck out the air. The penis is inserted inside the pump, and air is sucked out. The air is sucked out through a hand held or battery operated pump. The vacuum inside the pump dilates the blood vessels, which increase blood flow to the penis. Once erection is achieved, the ring is put to hold the erection and the penis is moved out of the tube. The erection is hard enough to last the period of intercourse.  The pump is used every time a person wants sex.

  1. surgery

This is often last the option for seniors and patients, who are unable to get erection from other methods. The surgery is performed to insert two rods on the sides of the penis. The rods are malleable and inflatable.The inflatable device allows the user to control the time and duration of erection. The malleable rods keep penis firm, but bendable for easy penetration. The only complication is chances of infection from the surgery.

  1. Use of herbs.

Ashawangdha – With aniaSomnifera

Herbs are considered safe and potent treatment option to cure erectile dysfunction. Ashwangandha, India ginseng is a powerful herb used since ancient times for sexual health. Its benefits are scientifically proven by countless studies. It cures the underlying psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Its role as stress and testosterone booster is directly linked with erectile dysfunction.

Stress causes a disruption in the brain connection that restricts the blood flow to the penis. The regular use of ashwagandha, reestablishes the brain connection by inhibiting the stress. It also tones the rebuilds the penis muscle strength and tones nerve endings for penal stimulation. It has no side- effects, if taken within dosage limit.

Ginseng and white Musli(cholorophytumborivillianum)are other herbs that have proven their worth in fighting erectile dysfunction. However, these cure the underlying non-medical causes such as stress,anxiety,tension, mood swings and general body fatigue.The positive things about herbs are no side effect and multiple health benefits.

  1. Acupuncture

It is also considered an effective Non- medical option to cure erectile dysfunction. The acupuncture is based on the ancient Chinese premises that smooth flow of energy in our body is prime requisite for a healthy living. When this energy flow is blocked, body suffers from various medical and psychological issues. Inacupuncture, the fine needles are inserted at cardinal points on the energy channels. Needles unblock the energy and restore the health of the body. The principle is the same that a relaxed body increased blood flow to the penis. The treatment is without side effect.  Treatment comes in sessions, of 45 minutes to one hour. The numbers of sessions depend on the need of the client.

  1. Lifestyle changes.

Simple lifestyle changes have shown positives results in cases of erectile dysfunction.It is suggested to implement simple lifestyle changes in daily routine before trying ED medications. These simple changes often do not cost anything, just a will and desire to live a health life.

Stop excess smoking or intake of alcohol to improve sexual life. Smoking clogs the blood vessels, which reduces the blood flow to the penis. Alcohol damages the nerve system and weakens the nerves.

Health eating and exercises regularly improve general health, reduces fatigue, improve blood flow in the body, and boost the endurance levels in a man. The overall impact is fewer chances of erectile dysfunction.  Include dry fruit,fruit, green vegetables, and fish,etc. in diet. If time does not permit, then even simple walking need be part of the daily routine.Physical activities keep weight in check, ensure lower blood pressure, keep away obesity, cholesterol issues, and thus keep a person always in good sexual health.

Spending time with a partner in foreplay and engaging in non-penetrative sex increase frequency of erection. The partial erection is better, as it help to get the blood to the penis over the time.

Incorporating various Ayurveda therapies also is part of the new lifestyle. The Ayurveda massages with or without oils promoteenergy flow, relaxes muscles;iron outs stress and enhance the mood for pleasure.

  1. Sex therapy – Counseling sessions.

Counseling sessions with a psychologist cure underlying psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, depression and shy nature can cause erectile dysfunction. Anyone who is in fine health and gets proper erection at night is candidate for sex therapy.  Various activities are suggested in sessions in privacy. The partner is also involved in sessions, as chances of success increase with better understanding of causes by the partner. The sexual communication between partners also increases after sex therapy sessions. This is turn leads to better stimulation and less stress during love making. Sessions are private and a couple can discuss all issues without hesitation. The information is not shared with the third party.

The age and status of general health of the man, also decide the option. An old man may not like to go for alternative methods or herbs, since that may take longer to show result. The best option in that case will be using of drugs that come for erectile dysfunction.  Since drugs show side effects, it is not an option for a young person. The long- term use of drugs and medication can damage vital body organs. So consultation with a physician is recommended before final selection of an option

Conclusion –

Each option aforementioned brings positive results. The non- medical alternatives take time to show the desired results. So a patient has to cultivate patience, as impact on erectile dysfunction may not be visible within days. However, dealing with underlying causes is the best way to cure erectile dysfunction permanently.

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