6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Nails

Healthy Tips for Strong Nails

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Best Healthy Tips for Strong Nails

You wore your favorite nail polish for weeks and then chose a semi-permanent nail polish. So far you are delighted but when removing this last pose you observe that now your nails are dry, brittle and split.

How can they be revived and cared for so that it does not start again?

Here are 10 tips to pamper your nails and strengthen them.

1. Feed them regularly

The most important action is to massage your hands and nails with a vegetable oil or a cream. Your skin will not dry out and your nails will be much tougher. There is a lot of cream specific to this area of ​​the body. As vegetable oils which are all beneficial, but some are more suitable: oil argan, of jojoba, coconut. Not to mention castor oil that nourishes your nails while stimulating their pushes.

Take the time to apply once a day and if possible after each hand wash. Put the oil or cream near the sink to think about it.

2. Push back your cuticles

It is important to repel cuticles once a week with a boxwood stick or cuticle regrowth that you will find easily in cutlery kits. By doing this, you allow your nails to “breathe” better and the cuticle does not suffocate it. To help you soak your nails in hot water, your cuticles will soften. Leaving the shower will have the same effect. There are also emollient gels dedicated for this purpose.

It’s up to you to choose what you prefer and take advantage of it to feed your cuticles at this time. However, be careful not to tear off your cuticles or cut them because you could find yourself alive and have an infection. Remember to remove also the small skins bordering your nails which can also be done by getting on demand beauty services.

3. Lime and duplication

Very often the reflex is to make movements back and forth on your nails with the file. But this movement leads to their duplication. Use your file always in one direction. Regarding the file, it must be fine grain and if possible not metal. If possible in glass.

On the other hand, the file is ideal for shortening your nails instead of a nail clipper. For this, choose the electric file. It will be softer for your nails and you can choose their shape: square or oval. If they are too long, prefer to use a nail clipper.

4. Do not abuse the polisher

The polisher block is perfect for smoothing the surface of your nails. They will shine and the streaks will be much less visible. Only it should be used in moderation not to remove too much keratin and refine your nails. Once a month, no more, is ideal. And if you make false nail poses or semi-permanent nail polish you already smooth them. No need to remake it outside these poses, otherwise your nails will become very fragile.

5. The importance of the base

Protecting your nail polish is essential! Many people put polish directly on their nails, but the base is there to protect them. Whether pigments varnish, as dehydration.

The base can be a care in itself because it contains nourishing and invigorating ingredients such as vitamin E or calcium. With it, you will not have yellow nails or dry after a nail polish. In addition, it facilitates the application of varnish so do not skip this step in your manicures.

6. Nail masks

Making a mask is a technique that is very effective for deeply nourishing your hands and nails. For this you need to apply a very greasy cream, like Vaseline, on your hands.

Put on gloves over and wait for several hours. Even a whole night. The next day remove the gloves and your nails will be strengthened and your hands will be very soft.

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