5 Best Ways to Stop Hair Loss of Your Pets

Stop Hair Loss of Your Pets

Home Remedies for Pets Hair Loss

Most people love having a pet at home due to the benefits associated with owning one. However, shedding of hair from the pet can be annoying and makes the house and furniture dirty. As a pet owner, you need to understand how to deal with this. There’s no absolute way to eliminate shedding of hair from the pet. But, there are various ways of dealing with this; below are some of them.

  1. Regular pet grooming

Regular pet grooming

Hair loss can arise when your pet is infested with parasites like fleas. An excellent way to stop excessive hair loss is to do away with insects or other parasites that the pet may have. So, it’s critical to groom your pets. However, if you lack the time to groom your pet, you can hire the services of a professional groomer. Such experts also render services like trimming your pet’s nails.

Brushing often is an excellent way of grooming your pet. However, you need to invest in a great Pyrenees shedding brush to achieve this. By so doing, you can forget about long fur from the pet flying all over your house. Start brushing your pet while it’s still young; this way, they’ll get used to it and get more comfortable. However, the type of brush depends on the kind of pet you have. There are also other handy grooming tools like nail clippers and shampoos.

  1. Healthy diet

Feed your pet with nutrient-dense foods to reduce hair shedding. Cheap pet food comprises foods like corn and grains, and these are hard to digest. Instead, opt for food types that are rich in proteins such as meat. Quality food for your pet may be expensive, but they are vital. They are easily digestible and promote better growth for the pet. Besides, they also reduce shedding and dry skin.

Also, increase the amount of water you give to the pet and ensure that it’s fresh and clean. When your pet is dehydrated, they are likely to suffer from dry skin, and this results in excessive shedding and sometimes illness.

  1. Add moisture to the pet’s diet

If you feed your pet using less moisture diet, it’s likely to shed hair. If you feed the pet with a meal regimen comprising of lots of dry food, their fur will become weak and break off. Therefore, ensure that your pet feeds on a diet with lots of moisture. Some of the perfect ways to boost the humidity in your pet’s food is incorporating melons, green beans, carrots, and healthy snacks. You can also feed them with dog flaxseed oil to maintain the pet’s coat in excellent condition.

  1. Bathe your pet regularly

Ensure that you bathe your pet periodically to avoid excessive shedding. Through bathing, you get rid of clotted or matted up hair. More so, there are various anti-shedding shampoos as well as conditioners in the market. The number of times you bathe your pet is also dependent on several factors like lifestyle, type of pet, breed, and skin type. Since bathing displaces essential oils from the pet’s skin, it’s good to consult your vet before bathing the pet routinely.

  1. Use supplements

Pet hair loss usually results due to itchy skin, skin infections, or what your pet feeds on. To reduce hair shedding, feed your pet with multivitamins, and omega-three fatty acids. This way, you enhance your pet’s skin health and lessen hair loss.


Excessive shedding is part of owning a pet. Therefore, you need to deal with it by understanding to reduce this. Feeding the pet with healthy food, grooming, hydration, and the use of supplements are all great ways of dealing with unnecessary shedding.

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