5 tips for staying clean and sober

5 tips for staying clean and sober

A person who has struggled with addiction definitely knows that getting sober can be very difficult. Moreover, it is still challenging to stay clean and sober. It is the duty of the addiction professionals to prepare an individual with many recovery obstacles to create a better life after rehab. Additionally, an individual should also have some constraints after rehab. There are certain tips for staying sober and clean even after rehab. If everyone follows these tips,  then the person can live a happy life after rehab. Tips for staying clean and sober are listed below.

1. Maintain a good environment 

When people with an addiction are in rehab, they are in a very supportive environment. Once the treatment is completed, the person should be able to adapt back to his environment. If that environment was part of the cause of their addiction, then he must start a new environment according to his wishes. If the environment tempts to relapse, that may become toxic or encourage the addict to use or drink again. Environmental changes make a good or bad impact on the person. It is the individual’s necessary to maintain a healthy environment around him. 

2. Maintain a structured schedule 

The addiction professionals suggest that having a disorganized lifestyle can also hamper your recovery. Therefore, it is better to maintain a structured schedule daily and try to stick to it. Additionally, if an individual maintains a structured schedule, it is easy for them to achieve the goal in a very short span. Moreover, to develop a drug-free lifestyle, an individual can focus more on goals. He/she is also able to develop individual talent and stay focused on it. Allocate the time properly for every task. Prioritize the work which has been done. 

3. Be physically active 

If a person drinks excessively and is addicted to the drug, there is an honest chance of health being affected. Moreover, he/she will not be in proper physical shape. Physical exercise activities can reduce stress which may be a serious trigger for relapse. Exercise can also make the person feel from stress and frustration.  The main benefit of exercise will improve the overall health and mental illness. Additionally, becoming physically active can make a sense of balance in life and benefits emotionally. By doing physical exercise regularly, a person is able to become physically and mentally strong. 

4. Maintain support group 

The support group can be of your friends, family or loved one. Every person needs a good companion and moral support. A person who is recovering from drug addiction needs additional care and support. The recovered person should always create a support group for well-being. With the help of the support group, rehab people could get moral support. He/she can maintain support groups by maintaining a healthy relationship with peers and colleagues but not with the same drinking buddies and drug dealers which can get you into trouble. Therefore, develop a relationship between caregiver such as family members and loved one.  

5. Be positive

Since the person was not good about anything during addiction, he can lose his self-esteem and self-confidence. He might see everything in the lense of shame. So the first thing is, the person should surround him with positivity. Avoid negativity and negative minded people. To develop confidence, an individual should speak aloud. Feel free to meet new people, get into their environment and work culture. The most important thing is, try to read books. Find a good companion and share your ideas and feelings. Feelings that aren’t shared become unhealthy behaviour and end in relapse. 

The three most important things to become sober are honesty, hard work and commitments. After rehab, the body and mind will feel alive and fresh that the person has never felt before. The person who is recovered from addiction is not easy. The person who stays sober and focuses only on his goal is the difficult part. A person who is overcome by drugs and alcohol with the help of rehab centres in Columbus Ohio will get a healthy life forever. He can benefit himself from many things such as seeking new jobs, building strong relationships, reading books, and so on. A sober person will get a second life by reading the above tips. 


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