10 signs of brain tumour everyone should know

It has been rightly said that prevention is better than cure. Taking the necessary steps to curb the problem at the root is much better than dealing with its consequences. When it comes to our health, procrastination is never an option. It is important to recognize the signs of a brain tumour in the early stages for better brain tumor treatment. Here are 10 common signs of brain tumour:

1. Headache

The most common symptom of brain tumour is headache. This is most commonly induced and accelerated by physical activity. The location of the focal pain says a lot about the size and severity of the tumour. It might also worsen early in the morning. 

2. Seizures

Seizures or more commonly experienced as convulsions are the involuntary spasm of the body muscles. The person might lose consciousness and there is twitching of one body part or the entire body depending upon the severity of the seizure. Since these spasmodic jerks of the body are involuntary, there indicate a serious health deterioration and the top oncologist in India should be consulted.

3. Memory loss

There might be temporary or permanent memory loss of the person. If not so, confusion, while pinpointing a particular memory or remembering events, is a major sign of brain tumour. 

4. Sleep issues

There might be some issues while sleep or the person might not be able to sleep. This causes a number of physical as well as mental distress. 

5. Drowsiness

Getting drowsy at any point of the day is one of the consequences of having sleep issues. Even after getting a good night’s sleep, one might feel drowsy during the day with a strong urge to sleep.

6. Nausea

It is seen to be a very common sign for people with brain tumour to get the feeling of nausea. They might feel sick for most of the day with a tendency to vomit a couple of times in a day. 

7. Getting unbalanced 

Even if it is walking for a short distance, it might seem difficult for a person with a brain tumour to maintain body balance. If one is experiencing this symptom, he or she should talk to the top oncologist in India

8. Numbness or facial weakness

If there is any numbness experienced especially in the extremities of the body like the tip of the fingers, it might be time to get checked out and seek proper brain tumour treatment. 

9. Loss of vision

A person with a brain tumour might experience partial or total loss of vision. A tumour in the cerebrum can affect a person’s ability to see and perceive sights. There might also be overlapping of different sights. 

 10. Inability to perceive pressure or sides

It is quite common among people with a brain tumour to not understand the pressure being applied. They might also start mixing the sides and get confused between right and left. Though it is not a sure shot symptom, it is a significant one to start brain tumour treatment.

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