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Visiting the Gynecologist: Possible Reasons to Go

For many women, seeing an obstetrician and gynecologist can be a challenge, and many prefer not to visit at all.  Here are the top reasons to make an appointment:

  • Monitor the Physical Health

The right time to visit a gynecologist starts as soon as a girl reaches the age of 13. The physical examination may include monitoring the vital signs, help in determining the body mass index, and also making an overall health assessment. Some patients may have to undergo a pelvic exam and clinical tests as well.

If something serious is going on inside the body, and you don’t have any knowledge about it, you should check-up with OB/GYN before the issue becomes grave. It is like taking the car for oil-change.

  • Visits Related to Pregnancy

Obstetricians play an essential role in pregnancy. But many pregnant women visit a particular obstetrician. They may be visiting multiple providers to get the treatment. But it is not always advisable to change your gynecologist. You may lose the medical data, which may not be adequately documented or even lose the physician-patient relationship.

  • Changes in Menstrual Cycle

Are you concerned about the change in your menstrual cycle? It is important to make an appointment with a gynecologist in Delhi. An ignorance or procrastination may only aggravate the problem. In the worst case, there can be issues with reproduction and delivery.

The problem may be stopped periods, irregularity, extended periods, and changes in the blood flow. The woman should tell her obstetrician in great detail, and the specific you are, the better it is.

  • Examination of Breasts

If you are a woman above 40 years of age, or there is a history of breast cancer in your family, then you need to go for preventive checks. With increasing awareness, the number of women going for the exam is increasing by the day, but even today, many women are not getting the exams which they should. The data indicate that the death rate from breast cancer has gone down significantly. It is a clear indication that getting a breast exam annually is crucial to early detection of breast cancer.

  • Examination of Pelvis

Women aged 21 years and above, you should get the pelvic exam. The doctors suggest that patients with menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge, infertility, or pelvic pain should go for a pelvic examination. If you are undergoing abnormal uterine building, there are changes in bowel or bladder function, or there is vaginal discomfort, you should go to the best gynecologist in Delhi. Many women may not like it, but it is suitable for their health.

  • Birth Control

If you are sexually active but do not want to get pregnant shortly, you must visit a physician for birth control and get the best family planning advice.

  • Cancer Tests

You should also meet the best gynecologists in Delhi to remain away from cancer and other complicated health concerns.  For females above 21 years of age, you should visit the doctor regularly. There are many instances when women have put off taking pap-smear as recommended by the doctors. But they only repent later on.

In the End,

There are far too many reasons to visit a gynecologist, and the benefits outscore the fee. Did not attend one so far? You should stay safe from any complications which can mire your child’s birth or may complicate health.

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