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Treatment for Secondary Bone Cancer

When cancer spreads from its initial starting point to the bones it is known as secondary bone cancer. Where cancer starts is called primary cancer, when some cells break away from primary cancer they move through the bloodstreams or lymph systems to other parts of the body where they form a new tumour, these types of cancers are called secondary cancer. Both the primary and secondary cancers are made out of same cells, therefore, if your cancer starts in lungs and spread to bones, the areas where there is cancer in the bones will be made up of lung cancer cells.

Secondary cancer is a different form of cancer that first started in the bones. In this case, the cancer is made up of bone cells that are cancerous and is important because the primary cancer cells will make your doctor decide which type of treatment is required.

Which Types of Cancer Spread to the Bones?

Any type of cancer can spread to the bones. Most common of them are:

  • Thyroid cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Breast cancer

Secondary bone cancer develops in any part of the bones of your body.

Symptoms that show you are suffering from secondary bone cancer:

Raised blood calcium: This state is known as hypocalcaemia it causes vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation, confusion and dehydration.
Pain: there will be continuous pain which is often described as gnawing.
Backache: you will face continuous backache which will only get worse day after day.

Bones will get weaker and can break easily.

Low levels of RBC: blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrows, therefore, can be crowded by cancerous cells which cause lower levels of RBC’s which further may cause an increased risk of infection and bleeding.
There will be continuous pressure on the spinal cord.

It can be detected by conducting the following tests:

MRI scan
Bone scan
Bone marrow test
PET scan

Treatment available to cure secondary bone cancer:

Firstly, you need to decide about the treatment. Bone Cancer Treatment that needs to be given will be determined on the basis of the following:
Which treatment will be best suited for your type of cancer?
Will there be any side effects after the treatment?
How many visits do you need to make to the hospital?

Following treatments are available to cure secondary bone cancer:

Radiotherapy: In this therapy, high energy waves are used to kill cancer. Radiotherapy will help control cancer growth and control symptoms.
Hormone therapy: There are a few types of cancer that depend upon hormones to survive and grow. Therefore, you will need to lower the levels of hormones to control them.
Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells. The type of chemotherapy you will receive will depend upon the type of primary cancer.
Bisphosphonates: They are bone hardening and strengthening drugs that will slow down the process of bone damage and lower calcium levels.

These are various types of treatments that are available to treat secondary bone cancer.

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