Screen Protector glasses, how are they a big help at the workplace?

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Why is it important to wear Screen Protector Glasses at your Workplace?

Hear me out, once you see the benefit of screen protector glasses yourself, you’ll be thanking us. We know that you work hard, meeting the headline, doing the work exceptionally well and coming up with new ideas, sound like a lot. The 9 to 5 clockwork can never completely define how much hours and heart you put into your work.

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It’s the ambiguous nature that makes us go ahead in life but neglecting your eye health is what every employee seems to be doing continuously.  The extended hours, 9 hours to be clear, creates a negative impact on your eyes and often you experience its effects that disrupt your workflow but people simply seem to ignore it. 

How do screens affect you at the workplace?

Professions who need accurate concentration on the screens like graphic designers, accountants, Web developers, Coders and many others seem to always have a vital problem with their screens. Let’s do a little survey here, how many hours do you spend staring at screens in a day at your work? Well. you’ll be shocked by the results, the average hours in the U.K is almost 10 hours per day. While many of us might be lucky in that case if it’s less but it doesn’t create any major difference. 

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Workers with extended hours of digital screens consumption face various types of visual discomfort. All digital devices such as your computer, laptops and smartphones emit harmful blue light rays that penetrate the retina of the eyes. As a result, the continuous absorption of a high energy visible light causes various negative impacts in your eyes. You often experience eye-strain, headaches, dry-eye, burning sensation, redness and many more. 

The major harms, when blue light rays disrupt your sleeping pattern by suppressing the production sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. Say, if you are completing your pending work at night, you are most likely to stay awake till 4 am because the brain comprehends that its daylight hence doesn’t cause any sleepiness in your eyes. The next is very likely to be a nightmare, you won’t be able to collect yourself, feel extreme sleepiness and be discharged, tired and unproductive. Let’s not hope that you don’t have any meeting to attend.

Apart from correcting their sitting postures the only relevant solution to all these ills of screen consumption is screen glasses or Screen protector glasses.

How do Screen Protector Glasses help from Screens at Work?

Screen Protector glasses are coated with anti-reflective that is 99.9% repellant towards blue light rays. Screen protector glasses significantly block out or reflect harmful blue light rays attacking your eyes and create a safe environment for you to continue your work with ease. Now, with 8 to 9 hours of extended screen work, you won’t experience any eye fatigue or headaches in the middle of the work and will be forced to leave your work in the middle. 

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All the major eye conditions which were prone to form into progressive vision damage get complimented eradicated and you feel active and energized even after a long period of working. Screen protector glasses also get your healthy sleeping hours back on the track by blocking out blue light rays enabling the regular release of melatonin. It’s very important for professionals to get Screen protector glasses so that they feel energised and productive even after facing the screen almost every day. While giving a stunning impression and Clark Kent vibe with beautiful glasses frames. Don’t worry, you can get a screen protector filter on prescription and non-prescription lenses so that you can create a healthy balance in your workplace and not let your eyes be on the verge of severe damage. 

Get your Screen Protector glasses at Specscart in stunning and sophisticated frames to revamp your work attire. Specscart offers all its glasses whether prescription or nonprescription with a screen protector filter with free anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance. Check out its special “try on glasses” service for up to 4 frames for 4 days, free home trial for utter satisfaction and a better experience.

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