Why is Safe Water Essential? Save The Clean Drinking Water

Safe Water Essential

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Safe Drinking Water: Concepts, Benefits, Principles

What makes planet earth different from all the other planets of the solar system? The direct answer to this question is, the existence of life on earth makes our planet unique, and water is the essential element which has helped the plants, animals, and humans of this planet to sustain life.

Water is that nectar which has alone got the potential to improve the living beings experience life on this planet. Not only for survival, but we require water for almost all the tasks we perform in our routine. From making food to cleaning the house, water is necessary for all day to day duties.

As the age of modernization took to rapid growth, the quality and presence of water have started facing a lot of trouble. Though industrialization has helped the man in economic growth, it has always ruined the social aspect of man’s life.

Various countries are facing the scarcity of water and are taking the assistance of their neighboring countries to meet the water requirement of their public. In areas where there are two countries have lack of water, are often seen fighting over sharing the river water.

Problems Related To Scarcity Of Water

Taking the discussion further, it is now estimated that the problem of scarcity of water has now lead to wars and tensions between different areas. Not only are the countries fighting at the international level to get the supply of water in their part but two regions of the same country can also be seen fighting over these issues.

As the population is growing at a rapid speed, so is the demand for drinking water rising. The governments of different countries are failing to meet the water requirement of their citizens. The problem is worse for the economically backward classes, people who suffer poverty seems to have been living under severe atrocities, water is an element which is must for the survival of the human beings but the right of these poor people over this natural resource haven been taken by the industries in order to make their profits grow high.

The burogiese of the society has made it possible for themselves to get their clutches over this natural resource. The worst sufferers are the poor people and also the middle class. What increases the severity of this problem is that people don’t have even clean drinking water; in such cases, thinking about water for other purpose is just a dream for these people.

Factors Which Affect The Water Quality

Water pollution is becoming a significant threat for the entire globe, and no doubt, human sources are the ones who have led to the rise of this issue. There are several factors which have affected the quality of drinking water, some of the main reasons for water pollution are:

  • The discharge of chemicals and toxicants from the industries are one of the major reasons behind the contamination of water.
  • The chemical fertilizers which are used in the farms as manures are also becoming dangerous for the water. These chemicals are washed into the lakes and rivers because of the irrigational activities, discharge of these chemical fertilizers in the water bodies is not only harmful of the water quality, but it has also ruined the aquatic life.
  • Water is the biggest solvent, and humans have misused this aspect of water. Large deposits of domestic wastes are seen along the ocean floor. People throw garbage, water bottles, and plastic containers, glass items in water without thinking that these elements are not easily dissolved and as they get collected on the shores they are harmful to both the water bodies and the land. 

Drinking Healthy Water

Drinking healthy water is very much required to keep our mind and soul together, working in the best way. As water pollution is becoming one of the significant concerns, getting clean drinking water is truly a blessing. Though the government agencies make it sure that the water supplied in the houses should be free from chemicals or any other sort of contaminants, still to be on a safer side, it is must to have a water purifier at your place. The tap water contains impurities which cannot be filtered easily; boiling water before drinking is time consuming, so it’s better to give the responsibility of proving you with healthy water to an RO water purifier.

We all are the children of our mother earth; it is our duty to take each possible step to keep its resources alive. Though water is a renewable resource, still we are not allowed to overuse it. Its high time now, we should start taking steps to protect our earth from running out of the capacity to provide fresh water.

The industries should be instructed to reduce the harshness of the chemicals before discharging them in water, plastic, and other kinds of solid waste which don’t get dissolved easily should not be discharged in water. Sustainable development is the only way we can save water for our future generation.

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