Quick Inner Thigh Adductors Exercises For You

Best inner quad exercises

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Have you had an experience where you woke up early in the morning, and your legs are giving you a weak signal? Like…dude, we ain’t working on 100% today!

Your thigh muscles are not as sharp as they used to and you got a whole lot of standing, walking or moving around to do. Let’s guide you through what you should know on strengthening your thigh muscles.

The thigh muscles are collectively called the hip-joint adductors and they include the adductor longus, the adductor magnus and bracilis and the adductor brevis. These muscles play a vital role in helping you keep a perfect balance of your body and also makes your gym experience a wonderful one.

When you step into a gym, find a working adductor exercise machine and follow the instructions meted out to you; you’re about to rejuvenate a weak muscle.

Best 7 Inner Thigh Exercises and Workouts

Below are a few exercises you can do on your own to also achieve strong and healthy thigh muscles.

  1. Standing leg swings: This popular exercise improves on your flexibility and also add weights on your ankle as well as double as strength work. You should look for a fence or wall and stand facing the wall with your hands stretched forward. Then swing one leg to each side repeatedly. Ensure you are doing this with some amount of strength. Also, make sure your hips are squared to the wall. Repeat this process in 10 cycles, then stand perpendicular against the wall and repeat a swing of the legs forward and backward.

  2. Clam Shells: This exercise demands that you own or get a stretching band or bungee cord handy. Strap the band around your knees and get a chair to sit on. Ensure your knees are 90 degrees bent, then separate your knees so you will be pulling against the tension of the straps. Repeat this process 10 times. You can also do this exercise by lying on your side. Bend your knees to a 100 degrees and pull one of your knees towards the ceiling so you are pulling against the strength of the strings. You can change sides and repeat the process again.

  3. Step aerobics: This exercise combines different side steps like lateral steps up, grapevines, sideways and so on. They are all meant to give renewed strength to your adductors. Doing these steps the right way will work and enhance thoroughly on your thigh muscles.

  4. Shallow knee bends: This exercise works so well on your alignment. Get a mirror in front of you and bend your knees a quarter way down like you are on a seat. Then, ensure your knees are in a straight line with your biggest toe. You can repeat this exercise many times a day to help your body adjust to more proper alignment.

  5. Sumo Squats: Doing the sumo squat will require you stand and stretch your legs wide with the toes pointing outwards. You can a dumbbell to gain extra weight. When bending your knees, ensure your butt is lower than the level of your knees while still keeping your toes pointing outwards. As you come up, try to push out your knees as this will help strengthen your heels.

  6. Goblet squat: This is similar to the sumo squat but is different because you will have to hold two dumbbells to your chest before doing the squats. Each time you bend, ensure your elbows are making contacts with your knee balls.

  7. Stadiums Stair workout: This is a similar exercise to the step variation. Go to a stair in your house or a pedestrian bridge that is less congested. Try jug each step or skip each of it up and down. Do this multiple time.

Working through these exercises will not just strengthen your thighs but will ensure your legs are strong, healthy and flexible to endure the loads and works to be done.

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