Natural Snoring Remedies That Work Effectively

Natural Snoring Remedies

Snoring Remedies: Best Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring is the noisy nighttime issue that many people are familiar with. Whether you are a habitual snorer or a seasonal snorer. Everyone is aware of someone at least one person who snores at night. Those who snore are a nuisance to their partner and friends. This also affects how the snorer sleeps for they suffer a lot from sleep apnea and sleep deprivation. Most people who snore are tired and cranky in the morning and they start their day on a low note. There are many remedies both medical and natural. Whether you snore with your mouth closed or open for both show different causes of snoring. Below are natural remedies that aid with the snoring issue and help you and others sleep better.

Lose weight

Weight is a popular issue when it comes to reasons people snore. People who are overweight carry excess weight around the neck and throat area that eventually causes snoring. Since men have narrower air passages to women most of them tend to snore. Not that those who are not overweight do not snore. Only that their snoring is not caused by having a lot of weight but other issues. Therefore, it is important to lose some weight to help aid snoring and allow your airways to breathe again with ease. Choose to change your diet and exercise to lose weight. Hence when you start sleeping better you can lose more weight as well.

Fix your sleeping position

Fix your sleeping position

Do you sound like an old engine revving up while you sleep? This irritates people around you and causes you to get poor sleep quality. The sleep position causes it to worsen depending on how the structure of your nasal cavity looks like. Although when most people lay on their metro mattress to sleep they have favorite sleep positions. Sleeping on the back does not favor the snorers. Since it causes the airways to narrow more or get blocked. However, when you sleep on your side either does not stop the snoring. Elevate your head while you sleep by investing in a body pillow for this will help ease breathing and open your airways. Also if you roll over it will help you maintain sleeping in the side position.

Check your diet and hydrate 

The tissues of your nose and throat get inflamed easily when you consume dairy and gluten products. Especially when they are consumed before bed. Hence examining your diet and cutting down inflammatory foods will help ease snoring. Drink more water for it has proven to help anyone that suffers from snoring. When you are dehydrated mucus forms in your nose and causes snoring. Hence drinking water during the day is highly recommended an average of 2-3 liter’s at least a day.

Reduce drinking alcohol and smoking

Reduce drinking alcohol and smoking

Not only does smoking and drinking alcohol cause snoring but the smell as well is a nuisance to your partner. Habitual smokers and alcohol drinkers in the future might require medical treatment to treat their snoring for it can lead to extreme issues. Hence while you can it is best to cut down on both lifestyle habits to solve the snoring issue naturally while it is possible. Especially when you drink before bed it relaxes your throat muscles and for smokers, it causes your throat tissues to get irritable leading to inflammation causing you to snore. If quitting is impossible try reducing these habits to stop you from snoring and improve sleep quality.

Exercise your throat and tongue muscles

When your tongue and throat muscles are relaxed. You tend to snore a lot and thus strengthening them through exercise is key. One exercise that helps to exercise the throat is singing. Sing in the shower, car or have your home karaoke party. This will help aid your snoring and make you sleep better. Exercise your tongue by sliding it back and forth for a few minutes as the tip of the tongue is behind the top of your teeth. Through these exercises, the throat and tongue muscles will strengthen and eventually the snoring will stop.

Use humidifiers and steaming 

Use humidifiers and steaming

Since snoring leads to sleep apnea those later causes’ poor sleep quality and quantity. Using humidifiers for your room or getting some steam works like a charm. Since dry air aggravates your snoring get one or two humidifiers to make your sleep environment nice and moist. This helps lubricate your throat and allows for easier breathing and hence no noisy vibrations. Alternatively, you can decide to steam on a bowl or in the shower to open up airways before sleeping. This clears any allergies or a stuffy nose that contributes to snoring. Once you identify why you snore it will help you choose the humidifier or the steaming according to what will work effectively.

Get your beauty rest 

Why do you snore? Your answer to this question will help you know what remedy will work best for you. When you are exhausted your tongue and throat muscles relax causing you to snore. This reason does not require extreme snoring remedies like medical procedures. However, all you need is to get enough sleep. Ensure every night that you sleep an average of 8 hours to relax and recover your body. This beauty rest is important not only to snorers but also to every other person. Avoid using pills and sedatives to sleep for they cause your throat and tongue muscles to relax as well. Try meditation, a relaxing bath and other natural remedies to sleep and feel better.

Given the above remedies, to stop your snoring try them individually and see the one that works best for you. It is also important to track your sleep and have a sleep diary. This will help you understand your sleep habits and patterns. Download sleep apps with a snoring tracker feature if you sleep alone. To know how your snoring affects your sleep quality. This will help you know what natural remedies will work effectively. Consult a sleep therapist if all the natural remedies do not seem to improve your condition. To get a different opinion on how to sleep better without snoring.

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