How Massage Therapy and Therapists Helps to Relieve Depression?

Massage Therapy

Massage Helps With Depression And Anxiety

Massage therapy is like a warm blanket filled with positive emotions. It relieves tension, provides a relaxed environment for relaxation and helps relieve the physical and mental symptoms of depression. Many psychiatric professionals recommend going to a clinic with registered massage therapists and get Full Body Massage because this massage works on the full body and patient feel so relax and calm. Doesn’t mean only full body massage, other types of massage also very beneficial. But before taking massage concern with your doctor.

Psychologists Recommend Massage Therapy:

Doctors, psychologists and other psychiatric professionals often recommend that their patients consult massage therapists to help with their depression treatment. Massage therapy offers a soothing effect that can be missed by some people in their lives. Or if someone has an incredible support group around them, it can also be an extension of that support. In addition, massage therapy relieves the physical symptoms of depression such as back pain, joints and muscle pain, fatigue and laziness. It can also help you sleep better because your body retains its state of relaxation well after the massage. If you get an early morning massage, feel the whole day and continue until late at night when you fall asleep.

Science of Massage Therapy to Reduce Depression:

We are faced with depression every day, but when we are depressed, this depression can become unbearable and we can feel that there is no way to control it. To alleviate physical and emotional depression, massage therapists use various techniques to stimulate blood circulation and manipulate tissue. In addition, a 1-hour massage can reduce cortisol by approx. 30%. Cortisol is the hormone that our body produces in response to depression. When cortisol falls, serotonin increases by approx. 28%. Serotonin is the natural painkiller in our body. As this increase, our chances of fighting pain, sadness and anxiety are much greater.

Massage Therapists Help with Depression:

Massage therapists undergo rigorous training to create a relaxed environment for their clients. In addition to learning the right massage techniques, therapists learn what type of music or sound is best for a massage session and which scents stimulate the olfactory system. When all these facets work together, massage therapists do their part to free you from symptoms and feelings associated with depression.

As everyone knows that male work so hard as compared to female. As they have lots of work burden, so, they are more likely to be in tension or depression. That’s why therapists also refer to Massage for Men. If you have depression, contact a psychologist and therapists that will guide you on what type of massage therapy suits you.

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